Nick & Rachel Don't Go 'The Bachelor' Distance

Mitch Haaseth/ABC

OK, well, after Jimmy Kimmel Live! announced that Rachel is the 2017 Bachelorette, one thing became immediately clear: She does not win The Bachelor. That may seem obvious, but up until she was picked, she was still starring on Nick's Bachelor season and seemed to be a frontrunner. I mean, she's almost certainly guaranteed a hometown date. So, what gives? Why does Nick send Rachel home on The Bachelor?

I don't have an exact answer for, you unfortunately. That's because we haven't seen it happen yet. Just like with Nick's Bachelor announcement spoiling the end of Bachelor in Paradise, this Bachelorette announcement ruins Rachel's Bachelor ending. But, I think being Bachelorette is pretty exciting anyway, so it seems like it all worked out OK. As for why she was booted, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe something goes wrong during hometown dates and Rachel's dad is too intimidating for Nick. Or, most likely, the two just simply don't end up really connecting. They have had a couple of good dates, but Nick changes his mind about his feelings pretty much every two seconds. I wouldn't be surprised to see them have a great hometown date only for Nick t dump her at the rose ceremony.

Rick Rowell/ABC

Hopefully he doesn't leave her too broken-hearted, though, because we've seen what two Bachelorette rejections have done to Nick, and I don't want that for anyone else. He may be over those two women, but he's carried a lot of that Bachelorette baggage onto The Bachelor (it was part of his meltdown this week).

As for why exactly Rachel is eliminated, we'll have to tune in to see. But, at least we know she has a happy ending as the Bachelorette choice — even if she does have to go through a public breakup first.