Sofia Richie & Kourtney Kardashian Are Connected In A Crazy Amount Of Ways

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By Mathew Jedeikin

It's been 10 years now since Keeping Up With the Kardashians first premiered, and many of us have been obsessed with the family ever since. So, coming off the heels of Scott Disick and Sofia Richie seemingly deciding to make their relationship Instagram official, fans of the famous family might be wondering if Disick's ex Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie know each other. They do seem to run in similar circles, and do appear to share common friends, but exactly how close are Kardashian and Richie? Let's review the evidence, shall we.

As Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner, said regarding the recent reports that her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, was expecting a child with boyfriend Travis Scott, it wouldn't be their family "if something didn't happen every single day." (For the record, Kris did not confirm the news. She also told The Cut, "[Kylie's] not confirmed anything.") Proving that point to be true is Disick's recent headline generating social media activity with Richie.

Disick and Richie were first spotted at the Cannes Film Festival back in May, and were seen showing some serious PDA this past week in Miami, Florida, according to Us Weekly. Photographers caught Disick and Richie walking on the beach holding hands, embracing while on a yacht, and the two were even seen kissing during a dinner with friends. Now, while this doesn't necessarily mean the two are in a serious relationship, what has really gotten people talking is the fact that they shared those kisses after being served a dessert that read, "Congratulations Scott and Sophia!" Richie herself even shared a photo of the congratulatory dessert to her Instagram story, according to Us.

So, now that we know the latest on Richie and Disick, let's look at Richie's connections to Disick's ex Kardashian, with whom he shares three children. First and foremost, Richie is considered to be part of the "it girls" circle that includes Bella and Gigi Hadid, as well as Kardashian's sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. During an interview with Complex published for its December 2016/January 2017 issue, Richie briefly discussed her friendship with the Hadid sisters, however she didn't specifically mention the Jenners by name. Richie said,

"We all grew up the same way, so we all kind of had that understanding of everything. Just a looking-out-for-each-other kind of sense — sisters. Everyone's like Gigi Hadid! And I'm like, 'Oh, Gigi? Oh.' I'm really proud of all them, though."

Also, keep in mind that Richie is the daughter of musician Lionel Richie, and younger sister of Nicole Richie, who co-starred on The Simple Life with Paris Hilton, who was once famously good friends with Kim Kardashian. See how they're all connected?

And following in their older sister's footsteps, Richie and Kylie were also good friends at one point. Although they haven't shown up in each other's Instagram feeds lately, Richie and Kylie used to get photographed hanging out together, and in an caption to a photo from February. 2016, Richie referred to Kylie as one of her "girls."

Fast forwarding a few years, Richie was previously linked to pop star Justin Bieber during the summer of 2016. It was just a few months after Kourtney Kardashian was also spotted hanging out with Bieber. There were rumors that Kardashian and Bieber were romantically involved, but it seemed more likely that they're good friends. And not because of the difference in their ages, but more due to the fact that despite there being lots of pictures of Kardashian and Bieber together, they were never seen kissing or showing any public displays of affection.

Earlier this summer Younes Bendjima (who is seemingly dating Kardashian) was spotted at a juice bar in Los Angeles, California with Richie. But according to sources who spoke to Hollywood Life, it was just friends catching up, and Kardashian reportedly wasn't bothered by their meeting. So, if true, it suggests that Kardashian doesn't bear any ill will towards Richie.

Though it definitely seems as though Kardashian and Richie have probably met each other and are friends with a number of the same people, they don't seem like they're good friends themselves. But if Disick and Richie really are in a relationship and it turns serious, then we'll likely being seeing more of Kardashian and Richie together at family events and such.