Kylie Jenner & Sofia Richie Are Friends, Which Means They're Totally Following In Their Big Sisters' Footsteps — PHOTOS

Not only does Kylie Jenner have a huge family, but she's got a ginormous group of friends. If her Snapchats are any indication, she's constantly surrounded by her BFFs. Her squad includes everyone from Jordyn Woods to Harry Hudson to Anastasia "Stassi" Karanikolaou. The 18-year-old's pals have practically become stars in their own right, gaining more than a million Instagram followers among all three them. Another person that Kylie has been spotted with? Sofia Richie.

Honestly, it's not surprising that Kylie hangs out with Sofia. Especially when you think about the fact that they both come from famous families. After all, Sofia's dad is none other than Lionel Richie, which also means her big sister is Nicole Richie. Are the dots starting to connect yet? Fans of The Simple Life may remember that Nicole and Kim used to be friends — well, more like frenemies. She joined Paris Hilton in teasing Kim from time to time.

Despite that, Nicole and Kim go way back. They've been friends ever since their tween years, so it's a total full-circle moment that their younger sisters are close too. It's actually really heartwarming when you think about it.

Let's take a trip back in time, so you can see just how similar the sisters' friendships are.

Then: Kim & Nicole

How precious is this braces-filled throwback? Those thumbs-up poses are everything.

Plus, there was a surprising part of their squad: Gaby Hoffmann. Yup, the Transparent actor attended Nicole's birthday. She's second from the left in the photo below. (But in an interview with HuffPost Live, Hoffmann admitted they weren't actually close — she just went to the party.)

Another highlight of Kim and Nicole's friendship was when she and Kris Jenner rapped together. Check out the video for yourself:

Although they've grown apart over the years, Nicole attended Kim's baby shower in 2013. So that means they're at least they're there when it counts.

Now: Kylie & Sofia

Doesn't this group photo feel just like the ones Kim and Nicole used to take? Sofia and Kylie tend to hang out with the same group of friends, which is sweet to see.

Apparently they've been friends for awhile, but haven't been as close in recent years. They appeared in Keek videos together, back before Snapchat basically replaced that app.

Trizzle94 on YouTube

After they were spotted together this past January, fans seemed excited to see the two hanging out again — even posting tweets about it.

Maybe they really are following in their big sisters' footsteps, where they grow apart, but still have a special bond that can't be broken. Either way, I'm rooting for Kylie, Kim, Nicole, and Sofia to get together for one big sisterly bash. Now that would be a full-circle moment.