Does Adele Want More Kids? The Singer Has Expressed Her Thoughts Before

Make fun of it as much as you want, but talented celebrities deciding to procreate really does provide a beacon of light in these dark times and give me some hope for the future. So, does Adele want more kids? I mean, speaking of talented celebrities. She already has child, of course, a 4-year-old son named Angelo — a fitting name when your mom is as heavenly as Adele — and I'm thrilled to announce that she does indeed want more.

As far back as November 2015, Adele told The Sun that she had her heart set on a sibling for Angelo, saying, "I'm still making up for the lack of sleep but he'll have a brother or sister at some point." And, in November 2016, Adele got even more specific about her baby-making timeline, telling a Nashville, Tennessee audience:

But before you start shouting other cherubic name recommendations at her, just know that her current world tour won't wrap up until Jul. 1. So it will be a few months until Adele and her partner Simon Konecki are trying in earnest.

That said, you're entitled to get more than a little excited in advance, especially after watching the way Adele closed out the North American leg of her tour: by being lowered down into the stage while shouting to fans that she's "off to have another baby."

With this announcement, and Beyoncé's twins on the way, I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about 2017.