'Strictly's Ashley May've Been A PCD But Her Dance Experience Isn't What You'd Think

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Don't make me sing the Strictly Come Dancing theme tune. Ok fine, I am singing it. Yes, while you imagine my dulcet Irish shrieks, I mean tones, picture yourself gliding across the dance floor in an infinite number of sequins. You see an opponent, she is really good. One second, I think I saw a Pussycat Doll? Well you wouldn't be wrong. Babe, you did. But does this particular starlet have an... advantage? Does Ashley Roberts have dance training?

TBH guys, she absolutely does. Roberts is trained in modern dance. Now that is more than a touch different to the considerably more strict and precise art of ballroom but still, it has many fans feeling like she has a bit of an unfair advantage. And guys, the plot low key thickens.

So she has actually also had a smidge of ballroom training. When I say smidge I mean a teenie weenie bit, but still not quite the impression she gave when she spoke to Radio 2's Chris Evans, defending her appearance on the show. She said, "The latin and ballroom world is foreign to me."

However news surfaced of her getting, well a little bit of training. What could even be described as a one-on-one master class. Well that's how The Sun reported it anyway and guys, there is a video.

Yes, for her 1st Look show that was on NBC, she had a real ballroom dancing professional give her a few tips, a lesson, and even a twirl around the place in a sparkly tassel covered dress. And guys this isn't just any dancing professional, this is Keo Motsepe, the ballroom mega star of Strictly Come Dancing's American cousin Dancing With The Stars, teaching her to cha cha cha. Motsepe is currently busy AF on this season of the American show, partnered up with Luna Lovegood herself, Irish actor Evanna Lynch.

As Roberts said herself, "It turns out cha-cha is all about the hips." Although the training was fairly minimal, arguably it is a slightly unfair advantage. I mean, even just knowing how hard ballroom actually is, is in itself an advantage. She learned the fiddly-ness and complexity of the cha cha explaining, "There’s so many quick steps and directions, if you mess up one step you’re like, ‘Where am I supposed to go? What am I meant to be doing?"

But has this advantage meant she is going to win the show? Well, at this stage we don't know who is going to win, but what we do know is that she has some stiff competition.

The current favourites to win are in fact Roberts and Steps star Faye Tozer. Both who have previous experience as members of hot as hell bands. Yes, you might remember Tozer as that boot scootin baby of Steps fame. Stacey Dooley has also been a fan favourite and is the only one of the bookies' top picks who isn't trained in dance.

However, Dooley revealed recently on her Instagram account that she had an injury that left fans worried she was going to have to quit the show. But the cheery star was quick to post another picture letting fans know that she is going to be absolutely fine and will be on the show next week.