These 5 Clues Hint That Bekah Could Win 'The Bachelor'

Paul Hebert/ABC

Bekah has seemingly not only stolen Arie’s heart, but also the hearts of many Bachelor (senior producer: Lindsay Liles) fans watching. Based on chemistry alone, it's quote possible that Bekah could end up with Arie when all is said and done. In fact, there are several clues that hint Bekah will win The Bachelor.

But, if she doesn't win, she could mount a Bachelorette campaign — she's pretty populat. She’s getting a lot of attention and has quickly become a fan favorite with nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and several thousand on Twitter. Looking through her social media pages, fans can learn a lot about her. For instance: she loves the outdoors, snowboarding, and cats. However, one thing you can’t learn is whether she ends up with Arie. Unlike some past contestants (cough, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, cough), neither Arie nor Bekah are offering spoilers on their social media about how this season turns out.

But, just because her social media doesn’t hint at the outcome of this season, it doesn't mean there aren’t clues to be found. Whether through interviews with Arie or the show’s editing, there are hints that suggest that this season’s fan favorite could very well end up with Arie in the end...

She Stands Out

Of course, Bekah stands out visually because she’s the first to ever rock a pixie cut hairstyle, but there's more to her attitude than that. Bekah has an ease about her, a confidence, intelligence, and a wit that all seem unique — even amongst other wonderful women. Arie recently said in an interview with People that this season he falls in love with not one, but two women. “I’ve never been in that situation, and it was really hard,” he said. “And they were two very different women and that’s what made it even harder.” Different women huh? If only we knew of a woman that seemed to be different than the rest… hmm.

She’ll Be Around For A While Longer

Even though love stories happen at breakneck speed on The Bachelor, any true fan knows that the contestants need screen time with him for any kind of connection to form. And, fans know that Bekah will be playing a larger role in upcoming episodes as her age starts getting addressed.

She's Gotten Attention From The Beginning

Speaking of screen time — it's not just that Bekah has been getting more visibility lately that suggests she may win, she also got screen time early on. Before this season had even officially begun, during the Countdown to Arie special, Bekah was highlighted. Out of only a few featured, she was chosen to be introduced to the world early. While not every woman featured is even still in the running, this does suggest the producers did that for a reason. Maybe, that reason is that she’ll be wind up with Arie and the show wants viewers to really know her.

Chris Harrison Put Her In His Top 5

Back in December, Bachelor host Chris Harrison revealed his top five contestants to People magazine. Since it was published, a couple have been eliminated, already. However, as the phrase goes — he saved the best for last. The last name he mentioned was none other than Bekah, and he added, “There is something about this girl’s energy that blows Arie away and he is captivated by her. They have this chemistry that gets under his skin.”

Arie Raves About Her

It’s not just Chris Harrison who thinks there’s something special about Bekah. When Arie speaks, he absolutely gushes about her. “Bekah M. continued to impress me,” he said in a write-up for People. “She’s able to be vulnerable and open and sexy. Our chemistry was truly off the charts and on top of that, our conversation was phenomenal.”

Not only does he rave about her, he becomes flustered. No other woman on the show seems to have the ability to break down his walls. He tried to explain that in his People blog, but the words were hard to come by. “As I said in the moment, she’s really… kinda nailin’ the… nailin’ the… nailed it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! All I can say is that when you push past my lack of verbal expression is that Bekah M. clearly blows me away.”

Obviously, it is a little early to have any definitive proof of who winds up with Arie. However, it would seem that there is a growing trail of rose petals that suggest Bekah may be the winner on this season of The Bachelor.

But, even if she doesn’t wind up with Arie, it’s reasonable to assume that fans will be thrilled to settle… for her being the next Bachelorette.