The 'Bachelor' Finale Promo Definitely Teases That Peter Will Go After Madison

Madison and Peter Weber on The Bachelor
John Fleenor/ABC

Ahead of the second night of Peter Weber's two-part Bachelor finale, Hannah Ann is technically the only contestant standing. Yet, Chris Harrison promised fans they haven't seen the last of Madison. And while it appears Madi has left Australia, it also looks like Peter will probably go after Madison after The Bachelor is done filming Down Under. In the final scenes of night one of the finale, Pete looked like he was debating if he should propose to Hannah Ann, but with Harrison claiming that this season's outcome is still up in the air, it seems more likely that Peter is pursuing Madison after The Bachelor.

The preview for the second half of The Bachelor finale has Harrison sitting down with Madi and inquiring, "So, you regret what you did?" Madi replies that she does. The clips then cuts to a car driving along in the Australian Outback, implying that Madison is coming back to him. But if you look at her surroundings through the car window, it doesn't actually look like Australia.

Until The Bachelor finale airs, we won't know for sure if Madi realizes she regrets breaking up with Peter while she's still in Australia or after she makes it back home. And perhaps her returning to the show is the bombshell Harrison tells Peter at the final rose ceremony that makes him Pilot Pete feel like he's going to "pass out." But whether or not Madison realizes she wants to be with Peter while they're still in Australia or not, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that Peter really did go after Madison after filming was over.

In the above clip, Harrison says that Peter doesn't know that The Bachelor host is speaking to Madi. But once Peter finds out that Madi and Harrison have chatted and that she still has feelings for him, he may feel compelled to fight for their relationship all over again. After all, the first half of the finale had him saying to never surrender when it comes to love, so he might just show up on her doorstep.

There is actual evidence that backs up this theory. On Feb. 11, Reality Steve posted that Madi was filming something Bachelor-related in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama, three months after filming wrapped. And the popular theory is that she was filming because Peter was going after her.

Assuming Peter does go after Madison in the Bachelor finale, it doesn't guarantee that the couple is still together. Madi left because she doesn't think they will be compatible in the real world, and those problems won't just magically go away because he wants to try to make it work.

With so much mystery surrounding Peter's finale, one thing is for certain: He's far too hung up on Madi to propose to Hannah Ann.