Clues That Raven Wins 'The Bachelor' Will Make Her Fans Happy

ABC/Drew Cason

The Bachelor this season has been fantastic. While Nick has been an engaging lead, most of the fun has come from an eclectic group of ladies. There have been dramatic villains, emotional stories, and high stakes. One stand out lady has been small business owner Raven Gates. She is the perfect mix of southern charm, hilarious weirdness, and genuine vulnerability. She gives funny confessionals and seems to have a real connection with Nick. Raven has been a frontrunner from the get-go. She captivated Nick from episode one and continues to surprise him. So, naturally, there are many clues that Raven wins The Bachelor. While nothing is certain, she definitely has a chance of ending up with the final rose.

Raven is more than meets the eye. From her first one-on-one date in which she described beating her cheating ex with a stiletto, it became clear that Raven is full of surprises. Nick has described his type as being confident and having a strong personality. Raven definitely meets Nick's criteria while also being beautiful to boot. This season is extremely competitive and any of the few remaining ladies could take it. But, I've compiled a list of why Raven may be the one to end up with that Neil Lane ring on her finger.

She's A Career Woman

Despite being in her early 20s, Raven has accomplished quite a bit. She owns her own boutique in Arkansas. Nick, who is also a business man, seems to want a woman who can keep up with him. Raven has dreams and career goals very much separate from her dating endeavors. While this isn't a direct clue that she wins, it is a hint that Nick will seriously consider putting a ring on her finger. Nick has been clear in wanting an independent woman and nothing screams fiercely independent like a business lady.

A Positive Attitude Towards The Show

Raven has been posting sweet memories of her time with Nick. Nick too posted a cute throwback picture of him and Raven. While this doesn't mean Raven ends up engaged to Nick, it does show she has a positive attitude towards her time on the show. This could means that she ends up with Nick at the end and "wins" that final rose. It could also just mean she had fun dating on TV. Only time will tell!

She Is Very Open To Love

Raven has not hesitated to express how she feels on the show. She told Nick she was falling in love with him very early on (first, actually). Raven owned saying her feelings without shame, which I love. Many women leave the show saying they wish they had been more open. At the end of the day, this isn't something Raven can say. It also may be how she ends up winning the show. Nick, who seems somewhat insecure about mutual love, may find comfort and warmth in a lady so open with her feelings.

Breath Of Fresh Air

Raven has truly been a breath of fresh air this season. In a season where there have been tears, fights, and even a contestant left in a swamp, Raven has been a bright spot. When swimming with sharks on a group date, Raven explained that if a shark tried to eat her she would fight it. And that if the sharks ate the other women, then at least she would definitely get the rose. Raven's tongue-in-cheek approach to the show and dating is likely appealing to Nick. He also offers witty commentary about The Bachelor, so he may be able to relate to Raven's approach.

Either Way, She'll Be Fine

There are plenty of signs that show Raven may win The Bachelor. She has been a consistent narrator all season, has a clear connection with the lead, and is an impressive woman. Still, if she doesn't end up running off into the sunset with Nick, she will be fine. Raven is young and has a ton going for her both with a successful career and making many friends on the show. I am positive she will move on just fine if she doesn't get that Neil Lane diamond in the end.

I'm rooting for Raven to find what she's looking for on The Bachelor. If she wins, I'm sure she will make a charming fiancée. If, instead,she is single post-show, I would love to see her roaming the beaches on Bachelor In Paradise. Either way, she's gonna kill it.