This Will Be The Unlikeliest "Season Of Love" Coupling On 'Grey's Anatomy'

John Fleenor/ABC

Romance is always in the air at Grey Sloan, and judging by the eyes that Schmitt has been making at Dr. Kim (and I'm not just talking about the intern's oversized specs), there might be a new love storm brewing on the horizon. Will Glasses and Nico hook up on Grey's Anatomy? Or is their awkward but adorable flirtation just a fleeting fancy?

The seeds were planted back in the Season 15 premiere, when the handsome new surgeon was introduced alongside his mentor, Dr. Link the "Ortho God." With his enviable jawline and charming smile, Dr. Kim caught the eye of both his woozy patient — and poor young Levi, who found himself incredibly flustered by Nico's attention. With one sly wink from Nico during surgery, a thousand 'ships set sail.

Those 'ships got some more wind in their sails in the Oct. 4 episode, "Gut Feeling," when Schmitt's and Nico's flirtation continued in the locker room. The surgical fellow strolled into the interns' changing area and, unperturbed by Glasses' weak protestations, quickly stripped and showed off his impressively chiseled physique. Schmitt (and most viewers, probably) couldn't keep his eyes off him.

Last season, Schmitt's main storyline was his schoolyard crush on Dr. Wilson, hooking up with Jo during her brief break from her relationship with Alex. Obviously, that coupling didn't last long; so is this another short-lived schoolyard crush… or will there be more to his relationship with Nico than that?

John Fleenor/ABC

Nico's pairing with Glasses may seem odd, given viewers' previous assumptions about the intern's sexual orientation, but it's actually a clever move: In one fell swoop, Grey's has given fans not only the show's first major gay male character, but also its first bisexual male character. Just because he previously slept with Jo, there's no reason Schmitt can't fall madly in love with Nico; in fact, such a development has been teased by the cast since the announcement of Alex Landi's casting as Dr. Kim.

"He catches the eye of one of the interns, and it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out," Grey's cast member James Pickens, Jr. (aka Richard Webber) teased to Pop Sugar last month in advance of the new character's debut on the series. He didn't name the intern in question at the time, and there was much speculation about which underling Dr. Kim would end up with; but it's clear now that Pickens, Jr. must have been referring to Glasses — perhaps the unlikeliest (and most surprisingly delightful) coupling on the show in many a season.

The coupling may come as even more of a surprise to viewers who were expecting (or at least hoping for) a relationship between the newcomer and Andrew DeLuca. Actor Giancarlo Gianniott stoke those flames of speculation himself, telling Pop Sugar that, "There's gonna be a power dynamic" between DeLuca and Kim. "Someone might be on a higher level, someone might be on a lower level." Unfortunately for those fans looking forward to DeLuca discovering a new side of himself this season, it appears those tensions will remain strictly professional, rather than romantic.

But hey, at least that leaves DeLuca free to fall in love with Meredith — another unlikely new coupling that will undoubtedly delight and infuriate fans in equal measure.