Here's How You Can Get Married At Dunkin' For Valentine's Day

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Valentine's Day is the time for love and romance — but what about marriage and donuts? Dunkin', the donut and coffee provider of New Englanders and food lovers around the globe, is now adding nuptials to their repertoire. That's right, you can get married at Dunkin' — and yes, donuts will be involved. Basically, Dunkin' is taking over a Las Vegas chapel, so your deep fried dreams can finally come true.

"On Saturday, February 9th from 11 AM to 3 PM, Dunkin' will be taking over Sure Thing, a Wedding Chapel by Flora Pop, in Las Vegas, where the first 100 couples that stop by will be given an exclusive Dunkin' donut bouquet for their ceremony, or just as a unique Valentine's Day gift," the press release explains. "The chapel will be decked out in Dunkin' decorations and bling complete with an officiant with Dunkin' pink hair available to preside over weddings and vow renewals." I don't know exactly what "Dunkin' decorations and bling" consist of, but I know that I'm exciting and scared and hungry all at the same time. And that that is enough.

Dunkin' is actually bringing the Valentine's Day vibes in a major way. They've already introduced their V-Day menu, including Bling Sprinkles Donuts — which give a little sparkle in varieties like Chocolate Bling Frosted, Strawberry Bling Frosted, and Vanilla Bling Frosted. Plus, they've brought back their heart-shaped donuts in Boston Creme, Jelly, and other flavors if you need a last minute romantic gift and delicious snack all in one. But perhaps the crowning glory of the Dunkin' Valentine's Day menu is the Cookie Dough And Brownie Batter Double Filled Donut. Sticking with the two-is-better-than-one Valentine's Day spirit, these are square donuts chockfull of two delicious flavors, making sure you're Valentine's Day is suitable stuffed. They look intense in all the right ways, but also like they make your stomach hurt when you just think about eating them. Just the way I like it.

But of course, for the Dunkin' die-hards there is the option to go for the full Dunkin' wedding — which may be worth it, just for the donut bouquet. You can also renew your vows there if you've already tied the knot but just need to get in on that Dunkin' action. If you like the idea of Vegas wedding but for some reason don't want donuts involved, you can also get married in a Taco Bell with an entire line of Taco Bell wedding accessories, including a bowtie, garter, and Taco Bell champagne classes. Or you can nab the $99 wedding deal at Denny's in Las Vegas for a Valentine's Day treat. Or you could get married in some way that wasn't related to fast food at all, though it would be hard to understand why anyone would want to do that. I mean, what do you want out of a wedding? Romance? Relationship integrity? OR FREE DONUTS? The answer is clear.

There are a lot of different ways that brands are embracing the holiday spirit, but setting up Las Vegas wedding chapels is definitely showing some true commitment to the cause. Nothing says America like fast food chains and shotgun weddings (except, you know, actual shotguns), so if you're going for a quickie Vegas wedding, you might as well make it delicious.