Here's Why You Need Dyson's New $499 Cord-Free Hair Straightener


When it comes to hair, it can be rather difficult to create a truly innovative product that'll turn the industry on its head. But Dyson continues to challenge itself and prove that developing game-changing tools isn't just possible — it's part of the company's DNA. In 2016, Dyson shocked the world with the launch of its Supersonic Hairdryer, a unique, albeit pricey tool that promised to deliver silky, smooth tresses in less time with less damage. Two years later, they released the Airwrap Styler, a hair styling tool that could style your hair with air, rather than just heat. Both have garnered legions of fans, but a certain demographic still felt like their needs had yet to be met with one of Dyson's fancy, high-tech tools: those who wanted straight hair. Flat iron dreamers, your prayers have been answered. Meet the Dyson Corrale, a cordless straightener that aims to style your hair quickly and with half the damage.

According to Dyson engineer Veronica Alanis, this product has been seven years in the making. Alanis, who helped develop the Airwrap Styler, is one of the thousands of hair scientists, engineers, and professionals that Dyson employs to work on its hair tools. (The brand also reports that Dyson has invested $129 million into its hair laboratories around the world.)


The biggest challenge when it came to making a straightener? Creating one that could evenly distribute heat and tension across all the hair strands with less reliance on heat in less time. Dyson figured out that in order to do this, they would need plates that could adapt to the shape of the hair strands. Normally, flat plate straighteners only heat the thickest part of your hair, leaving you to have to pass your straightener along the same portion of your hair over and over again until each strand has been styled. This can apply unnecessary and excessive heat, damaging your hair health, color, and shine.

This led Dyson to develop unique flexing plates made of magnesium copper that could wrap around your hair tress, applying even heat and tension to each of your strands while keeping them straight between the plates. In other words, these plates can mold to your hair strand, no matter how thick or thin, straightening it faster and with less heat and tension. The Corrale has three heat settings: 165°C (330°F), 185°C (365°F), and 210°C (410°F). While the straightener can heat up to a very high temperature, Alanis insists that it won't be necessary to use (unless you have extremely thick and coarse hair), thanks to the innovative plate tool technology.

Hair health and speed aside, arguably the coolest part about this tool launch is the fact that it is cord-free. Dyson tapped into the battery technology it uses in its cord-free vacuum cleaners when developing Corrale. If you're skeptical that a cordless tool could be powerful enough to straighten your hair, Dyson says that because of its four-cell lithium-ion battery, it can deliver the same thermal performance of a corded product. What's more, you can travel with it without worrying about its voltage. It fully recharges in 70 minutes and provides up to 30 minutes of cord-free styling. Should you need more than 30 minutes, you can attach the magnetic charging cable and continue to style your hair.

I had the opportunity to test the Corrale out at a preview in February and was surprised at how lightweight the straightener felt, despite the fact that it contained a lithium-ion battery. I also loved using it to create waves in my hair. I'm usually a devoted curling iron user, but found the Corrale to be extremely easy to manuever when adding beachy waves to my tresses. The tool never felt hot on my fingertips as I twisted and turned it throughout my strands, and I felt like it took no time at all to create smooth and shiny waves. And in true Dyson form, the straightener was extremely chic — something I definitely would be excited to display on my vanity.

Now, the Corrale isn't exactly affordable. Just like the Supersonic and Airwrap Styler, this straightener is a bit of a splurge. The Dyson Corrale will set you back $499, but promises to change the way you straighten (or wave) your hair. Think about it as an investment in your hair health and your overall efficiency. It is available to purchase on Dyson's website beginning March 10.