Here's Everyone Who Died In The Battle Of Winterfell On 'Game Of Thrones'

Helen Sloan/HBO

Spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3. After the love fest that was "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms," Game of Thrones fans were expecting the worst for "The Long Night." The death toll was high, but everyone that died in the Battle of Winterfell wasn't as completely heartbreaking as you may have anticipated. Still, with multiple major characters going out heroically and Arya freakin' Stark killing the Night King, each death deserves a moment of recognition before the gang has to gear up for battle again against Cersei.

While every battle is life or death, the Battle of Winterfell was truly all about the living surviving the Night King's army of the dead against all odds. In the end, it was Arya who saved the day and ensured humanity will go on. When she stabbed the Night King with Littlefinger's Valyrian steel dagger, it led to every White Walker, wight, newly-risen corpse, and even ice dragon to fall too. But before and after Arya took down the Night King, many breathing characters met their tragic fates. From Daenerys' number one fan to the Red Woman who used her magic to bring light to the night that was truly dark and full of terrors, here's the full list of all those who died in the Battle of the Winterfell.

The Dothraki

Daenerys' army were the first Dothraki to ever cross the Narrow Sea. But, unfortunately, most of them won't be by her side when she will go to claim the Iron Throne since they died in the first wave of attacks against the White Walkers. Even Melisandre's powering up theirs arakhs with fire couldn't help. And while these Horse Lords are no more, Jon's direwolf Ghost did seemingly make it out alive.

Eddison Tollett

Besides Jon and Sam, Dolorous Edd was one of the last OG members of the Night's Watch. And he fulfilled his pledge of guarding the realms of men when a wight took him out after he had saved Sam. Should've stayed in the crypts, Sam!

The Unsullied Protecting The Retreat

Greyworm is thankfully still alive and many others of his Unsullied. But he did have to sacrifice some members of his army in order to get other soldiers retreating the fray into the gates of Winterfell.

Lyanna Mormont

Back in the Battle of the Bastards, Wun Wun helped defeat Ramsay Bolton when he stormed into the gates of Winterfell. But this time around, the wight giant was not on the right side of the battle and the Lady of Bear Island, Lyanna Mormont, took it upon herself to take him out. While he crushed her tiny body in his hands, she managed to stab him in the eye with dragonglass, like the ultimate warrior.

Beric Dondarrion

There apparently was always a purpose to Beric Dondarrion being resurrected by the Lord of the Light via Thoros. And he completed his purpose by encouraging the Hound to go with him to save Arya from the wights inside Winterfell. And Beric's sacrifice directly saved the hero of the entire battle.

Theon Greyjoy

Back in Season 2, Theon pretended to kill Brandon Stark to take over Winterfell. He has suffered so much since then with Ramsay Bolton torturing him, but he returned to his "home" to protect his brother Bran against the Night King and died a good man. I'm not crying, you're crying.

The Night King & His Army

Jon Snow may have faced off with the Night King plenty of times before, but he wasn't able to take him out in the end. Instead, it was Arya who did the final deed and killed the Night King with her tricky bait-and-switch weapon work. With the Night King's death, all of the undead also disappeared and ended the threat of the White Walkers for good, making Arya the true MVP of the Battle of Winterfell.

Jorah Mormont

Jorah's death seemed inevitable and it was so fitting that he died protecting his Khaleesi from the White Walkers after she flew Drogon down to save Jon. The Mormont family name is over with the deaths of Lyanna and Jorah. But you were probably too distracted by crying over Drogon comforting his mother to be sad about the Mormont bloodline.


Melisandre made some, um, questionable choices in Game of Thrones. Sure, she resurrected Jon Snow, but her deus ex machina-like arrival at the Battle of Winterfell gave the living a fighting chance. She also helped to play the idea in Arya's head that she is the one to kill the Night King. So once her job was done, she went beyond the gates of Winterfell and died a peaceful death at the ripe old age of ancient.

Next up, our surviving heroes of the Battle of Winterfell must unite to fight Cersei. And with that fight ending Game of Thrones, she just may be deadlier than the Night King.