Urban Decay's Holiday Collection Takes On The Glittery Intergalactic Trend

by Summer Arlexis

Just when you thought the holidays couldn't get any blingier, Urban Decay decides to drop the Heavy Metals Collection like it's no big deal. But as brand well known for their signature neutrals via the iconic Naked palettes, an all-metallic collection comes as a bit of a surprise. This shocker, however, is definitely going to make the holiday season super shiny.

It wasn't long ago that UD extended their neutral lineup by introducing the red hot Naked Heat Collection because if there's one thing the brand does well, it's producing quality nudes. But don't get it twisted. The masterminds in the UD labs are certainly no strangers to high-impact shimmer and intergalactic hues. Just last year, the brand released liquid Moondust eyeshadows as apart of their 2016 holiday collection. Back at it again with the sparkly space vibes, this year's holiday offerings are beyond glitzy, too.

Available now on UD's website (and coming soon to other retailers), the Heavy Metals Collection features an all-shimmer palette, new glitter liners, and a lip palette with a metallic twist. Every beauty junkie needs their sparkle, so here's every single thing you can snag to take on the holidays and intergalactic beauty trends while you're at it.

The star of the collection is the Heavy Metals Palette, $55, nothing like any of its UD sister palettes. It may not be the first time the brand created an all-shimmer palette, but it's their first time releasing so many foiled shades at once. There's also a different setup from the brand's signature palette designs. Two sets of shadows on both ends of a center mirror makes for an unconventional palette that UD has never done before.

Though the brand may be switching things up, what you can expect from the Heavy Metals Palette is the quality pigment the company always delivers. According to UD founder Wende Zomnir's Instagram post showing off these beauties, they're the "creamiest, most amazing, shiny metallics" the brand has ever created. Whether you're a rainbow fanatic or you favor neutrals, there's something for everyone— albeit with tons of sparkle.

Every rainbow hue is what you'll get when dipping into the left side of the Heavy Metals Palette. There's an icy white, vivid blues, majestic purples, and even a metalized black. With such an impactful formula, they look jaw-dropping against varying skin tones.

Despite being the neutral set, even the right side of the palette walks on the wild side. There are smoldering reds, worthy of having a home within the Naked Heat Palette, and shimmering golds and earth tones with amazing foiled finishes. It's really too much beautiful glitziness to handle at once.

Naturally, the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners, $20, would get an update for the collection. Featuring the same glittery formula beauty fanatics have grown to love, six new shades have been added to the lineup. There's a gorgeous blue, the disco ball red we needed as of yesterday, and a greenish-purple duochrome that combines glam and grunge like no other.

As if 20 new, shimmer shadows and liquid liners weren't enough, UD introduced the Vice Metal Meets Matte lip palette, $35, too. A mix of coordinating hues, six of which are new shades, it's a palette that can take you from daytime subtle to nighttime glam with a quick swipe across your pout.

It's obvious that something glittery is in the beauty waters, and Urban Decay isn't even the only brand taking a sip. With releases like NYX Duochromatic Shimmer Gloss and Fenty Beauty Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter coming soon, it looks like there's a larger intergalactic beauty trend going on here.

There's no doubt about it: This holiday season will be truly lit, and these metallic beauty buys from UD are where it all starts.