Everything You Need To Know About Trendy Vitamins

If you're like me, then you probably spend a decent amount of time standing in the vitamin aisle trying to decide which ones are right for you. Should you just grab the cheapest multivitamin and call it a day? Or maybe you'd rather cobble together a regimen based on all your health needs? It can be tough to decide, which is why it's nice to know there are so many new vitamins on the market that've totally got your back.

Whether it's one capsule containing the most important nutrients for women, or a monthly care package with vitamins specifically catered to you, there's no denying vitamin companies are taking it to the next level. Many have even become full-on lifestyle brands, with cool Instagram accounts and adorable packaging. I mean, who wouldn't want to take care of their health, while also seeing a few inspirational pics along the way?

Since everyone's health concerns, schedules, and needs are so drastically different, I've broken down five of the trendiest vitamin brands below. Check out the prices, the delivery methods (gummy versus capsule, etc.) and the nutrients contained within. Then read some reviews from real users, as well as what experts think. Here's hoping you'll figure out the best brand for you, and that you'll have better health as a result.

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1. HUM

To figure out which HUM vitamins are best for you, all you gotta do is log onto their website and take a three minute quiz. You'll then be directed to your "personal vitamin and supplement profile," as well as a free report from a nutritionist, which will help you choose the best combos for you. Simple as that.

Average price: 60 softgels, $25, Sephora

What the public thinks:

"I love the Daily Cleanse. This was my first experience with Hum Nutrition and I am honestly so glad I did it. My skin has started looking more smooth and even every day. My skin used to be very bumpy with small breakouts, but I haven't had one breakout since I started and my pores have started shrinking. In fact, I just ordered another bottle of Daily Cleanse and Gut Instinct, and have been telling everyone about these. Seriously, I'll never go back to any other vitamins," Diana Caurso, Amazon

What experts think:

"They have an impressive line of savvy profiled products. They have something for everyone. I appreciate the fact that there is no wheat, corn, dairy or yeast additives. HUM products like Raw Beauty have some impressive superfood ingredients and sweeten with coconut sugar instead of an artificial or corn based sugar," Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine practitioner

2. Ritual

Founded by Katerina Schneider — who realized while she was pregnant that traditional multivitamins just weren't cuttin' it — this supplement contains the nine essential ingredients that most women are lacking in their diets. Think along the lines of omega-3, vitamin D, and iron.

Average price: 60 capsules, $30, Ritual

What the public thinks:

"About to wrap up my first 30 days of Ritual and definitely feel like I've found my vitamins," Bethany Stephans, Twitter

What experts think:

"I had Ritual before and love the transparency of their product. Its natural ingredients are a must have these days — expect no synthetic fillers or stabilizers in these guys!" Tracy Lockwood, celebrity registered dietitian and founder of Tracy Lockwood Nutrition

3. Care/Of

Care/Of offers personalized daily vitamin packs. Simply go their website, answer a few questions regarding your health and lifestyle, and you'll be presented with a list of vitamin recommendations. Choose which ones you want and they'll arrive at your door each month in a cute little box.

Average price: Monthly subscription, about $20, Care/Of

What the public thinks:

"[Three] of my friends signed up for @careofvitamins tonight because they heard me raving about their customer service. Love my #careof vitamins!" Jami Averwater, Twitter

What experts think:

"I love their idea. Care/Of allows you to customize your vitamin packs based on your needs. Brilliant. The pill packs are delivered to your door with some impressive superfood ingredients, such as calcium from Icelandic algae or the adaptogen rhodiola from the Altai Mountains in Siberia," Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine practitioner

4. BeautyWorksWest

BeautyWorksWest offers Sex, Youth, and Energy versions of their supplements. Each contain advanced scientific formulas designed to provide essential nutrients, while also balancing hormonal shifts in the body, according to the brand's website. Pretty cool, right?

Average price: 120 capsules, $110, BeautyWorksWest

What the public thinks:

"Thank you Dr. [Sister] for this amazing product. It brings all the studies in your book into a capsule. I'm thrilled with my skin as a result of taking YOUTH but especially my daily energy!" Sharla, Amazon

What experts think:

"I love their main whole food-based active ingredients like Japanese seaweeds and the adaptogen Panax ginseng. What I don't like is the addition of rice flour. Many of my patients with digestive and autoimmune-inflammation issues have issues with rice flour in their supplements," Dr. Will Cole, functional medicine practitioner


OLLY vitamins come in a delicious gummy form (yay, no huge pills). And, depending on your needs, you can choose vitamins that focus on specific needs, like Stress, Beauty, or Sleep. They also have multivitamins formulated for women and men, as well as the brand new Flawless Complexion, which has ingredients that are good for the skin.

Average Price: 50 gummies, $13.99, Target

What the public thinks:

"I love these vitamin gummies. They are so easy to remember to take, and this flavor and the other berry flavor are fantastic. I first saw Olly at Target in the travel size section. Out of the samples, I always see this women's vitamin and the sleep one. If you're like me, and want a more interesting vitamin, take this one. I don't' think I will ever switch back," Amazon Customer, Amazon

What experts think:

"OLLY [is] growing in popularity, and [it seems] decent in quality [...] Also, be wary of any supplements that contain sugar/syrups/fake sweeteners. Not all of them are bad, and they can be helpful for people having trouble with swallowing capsules. However, it's always good to be aware of the added sugar you are consuming through supplements," Lauren Minchen, MPH, RDN, CDN

So, there you have it. Some of the trendiest vitamins on the market. What do you think? Based on your health concerns and desires, you should be able to find one that'll work great for you.

Image: Ritual