Fame And Partners Has A New Custom Daywear Line

Fame and Partners is known for their outstanding custom occasion wear, but the brand is branching out into pieces you can actually keep in your day-to-day wardrobe rotation (assuming you don't rock formal dresses on the daily). Today, Fame and Partners' "The Anti-Fast Fashion Shop" launches, and its goal is to combat wasteful mass-production by offering unique, customizable styles that last.

While fast fashion brands can be great for getting in on popular trends quickly without investing much cash, there's a dark side to the low prices. Because they're mass produced, what you gain in savings you lose in quality, so pieces have a short shelf life in your closet. Textile waste is a real concern because tossing clothing isn't good for the environment, and constantly replacing your wardrobe creates demand for more clothing (meaning more negative effects on the environment from the manufacturing process). It's a pretty vicious cycle.

It sounds dire, and I'm not saying you should never, ever buy fast fashion again, but it is worthwhile to invest in pieces you love that are high-quality and fit well, so you can keep them for years to come.

That's where Fame and Partners' new collection comes in. Over the next few months, the brand will be rolling out 101 new pieces ranging from $199 to $349, including pants, tops, and more dresses. And just like the designs they're known for, each piece has customizable elements including things like fit, style, and color.

Their first batch includes 27 made-to-order styles, and they're perfect for anywhere from the office to a chic weekend outing. Here are the standouts you can buy today:

1. The Stephania Skirt

The Stephania Skirt, $199, Fame and Partners

This skirt is the ultimate statement piece — you can dress it up or dress it down.

2. The Ece Top

The Ece Top, $199, Fame and Partners

Like your go-to button-up, but cooler. In the customizable options you can remove the sleeves, make it a V-neck, and even crop it.

3. The Radhika Top and The Diletta Skirt

The Radhika Top, $199, Fame and Partners; The Diletta Skirt, $189, Fame and Partners

These separates go perfectly as a set, or mix them up with other pieces. (Psst — you can add pockets to the skirt, which makes it the best kind.)

4. The Fernanda Pant

The Fernanda Pant, $199, Fame and Partners

A lace-up front adds an extra dose of chic to these wide-leg pants.

5. The Sewell Skirt

The Sewell Skirt, $229, Fame and Partners

This semi-deconstructed pinstripe skirt promises to be one of the most unique pieces in your closet. Plus, the bottom part is detachable.

6. The Hanne Dress

The Hanne Dress, $299, Fame and Partners

A flowy dress is a wardrobe staple for almost everyone. This one also features an open back.