'Feud' Season 2 Will Focus More On Princess Diana

by Amy Mackelden
William Thomas Cain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

News that Season 2 of Feud will focus on a royal marriage has gotten fans of Ryan Murphy's work understandably excited. Season 1 of the show hasn't even premiered yet, but, since it focuses on the infamous feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, and stars Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, it sounds utterly perfect. Season 2 won't appear until 2018, but one of the show's executive producers, Alexis Martin Woodall, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the shape of things to come, and revealed that Feud Season 2 will tell Princess Diana's story.

As 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's death, it's important to hear that Feud will honor her and seek to understand her version of events. Princess Diana is still a much-loved figure, and her dramatic, and ultimately miserable, marriage to Prince Charles is still a point of much contention. Woodall assured EW that Princess Diana's point of view will be explored in depth and said, “She was 19 years old when she married him, she really had to find her own way." She also called Feud Season 2 “a woman’s story,” emphasizing the fact that Princess Diana is the character we'll most connect with and the protagonist we'll follow throughout the series.

In 1997, Diana died at the age of 36, so Feud Season 2 will be telling a devastating story with a tragic ending. The marriage between Charles and Diana was marred by rumors of affairs and an incompatibility that sprung from their age gap, it's easy to see why Murphy chose them as the focus for his anthology series. The events that occurred throughout the couple's relationship will make for pacy television, akin to The Crown. But, since the show is based on truth, it'll be difficult not to find the subject matter incredibly sad and harrowing to relive.

Woodall explained Murphy's fascination with the royal couple and the reason they will be so captivating to watch:

“With Charles and Diana... they were royalty — true royalty — and they still had the same issues of insecurity and relevance and importance and love that everybody goes through, so I think there’s a really human quality to it."

Twenty years after her death, the focus is on Princess Diana once again. Hopefully, in telling her side of the story in Feud, viewers will have the chance to celebrate her life and recognize her many achievements.