Where To Follow Rachel's 'Bachelorette' Contestants On Instagram

ABC/Paul Hebert

If you're reading this right now, then the odds are good that you've probably already ripped right through the contestant bios for Bachlorette's 13th season premiere and picked your favorite to win Rachel Lindsay's heart. But those responses sure can be boring sometimes — after all, how are a bunch of questions about a guy's favorite food going to give you a sense of what he's actually like? Luckily, most of Rachel's Bachelorette contests have Instagram accounts, where you can check out what their lives were like before they joined the show and keep track of all the cool behind-the-scenes images they're able to show off.

Of course, Instagram isn't exactly real life either; it's not as carefully produced as Bachelorette is, sure, but it can still be used to promote a certain kind of narrative. Which is probably why a sizeable majority of these men seem to absolutely love taking shirtless photos of themselves in exotic locales. I suppose I would too, if I had those abs and the money to fly to Thailand for a vacation! Anyway, while everybody's excited to watch Rachel fall in love after getting her heart broken on last season's Bachelor, half the fun will be getting to know the guys vying for her affection — and checking out these Insta bios will make doing that just a little bit easier:

Adam: @adam_gottschalk

What you'll find: Suits, football games, and the inside of a cockpit, because apparently Adam flies planes as a hobby. OK, that's pretty cool.

Alex: @tinobordy

What you'll find: Adam shares his Instagram with his swim team friend Valentino, so expect a lot of throwback images of the two hanging out in speedos and generally being goofballs.

Anthony: @siranthonybattle

What you'll find: A lot of provocative poetry from Nayyirah Waheed, gorgeous photos of art murals, pics of his adorable newborn nephew and labradoodle puppy, and of course the occasional shirtless pic.

Blake E: @blakelosangeles

What you'll find: training videos of Blake's clients, glistening bodybuilder modeling shots worthy of Pumping Iron-era Arnold Schwarzenegger, and cute pictures of his pit bull.

Blake K: @blakekillpack

What you'll find: Come for the gorgeous vistas in Blake's travel pictures; stay for Blake posing shirtless in a baseball cap, as well as his bangarang Halloween costume of Rufio from Hook. Seriously, can we get this guy on Bachelor In Paradise please?

Brady: @bradyervin

What you'll find: Two words: shirtless pics. Two more words: almost exclusively.

Bryan: @dr.abs_

What you'll find: A lot of memes and a lot of ads for detox tea, plus some holiday pics of Bryan and his friends mixed in for good measure.

Bryce: @ivegotthepowers

What you'll find: Mostly shirtless photos on the beach with his dog, and definitely no apology for making a jerky transphobic joke in his cast bio. We see you, Bryce.

Dean: @deanie_babies

What you'll find: Dean has clearly participated in Santacon, which means he is dead to me. Other than that, though, he has a fairly standard Instagram full of travel pics, snuggling with friends, and pictures of his dog Nala.

DeMario: @demariojackson_

What you'll find: DeMario just joined Instagram three weeks ago, so there's not much there, although he did tease this scene coming up in the Bachelorette. (Eric, tagged here as @ebiggsway, has since deleted his account.)

Diggy: @diggymoreland

What you'll find: Diggy is a total sneakerhead, and you'll find way, way more pictures of his feet than you will of his face.

Fred: @realfredjohnson

What you'll find: Group shots, travel photos, and lots of Snapbacks, with the occasional dapper suit thrown in. Plus a lot of pics of Fred's double graduation from two different graduate programs in 2015 — congratulations, dude!

Grant: @doctor.grant

What you'll find: Grant enjoys riding on things — bulls, swan-shaped inner tubes, his friends' shoulders, what have you. He also digs being shirtless, waterfalls, and doing variations of the Richard Nixon pose.

Iggy: @iggy_rodriguez

What you'll find: Iggy mostly takes pictures with friends, although you'll also see him taking artsy pictures of his kickboxing studio or lamenting his love of the Dodgers.

Jack Stone: @jackjstone

What you'll find: Your average Instagram full of food pics, group photos, and the biggest floofiest dog you've ever seen in your life.

Jamey: @jameykocan

What you'll find: Jamey also recently started his Instagram for Bachelorette, so not much yet.

Jedidiah: @jedidiah_ballard

What you'll find: This dude is all fitness, all the time, which makes sense considering he won the 3rd annual Men's Health Ultimate Guy Search last year

Jonathan: @newsmyrnabeast

What you'll find: Jonathan's account is private and he's only posted there three times despite having about 800 followers, so odds are you're not going to get much of a window into his way of life. Although he does call himself "Dr Tickle Monster" in his bio, so at least he's... consistent.

Josiah: @josiahdgraham

What you'll find: Josiah's Instagram was long dormant until he picked it back up (and renamed it from Jg_esquire) to promote his time on Bachelorette. If you dig back, you'll find mostly screenshots of his Facebook statuses and pictures of him in suits.

Kenny: @KennyKingpb2

What you'll find: Unlike the other fitness buffs in Rachel's contestant squad, Kenny actually steps into the ring as a professional wrestler for Ring Of Honor. He also puts up pictures of his 10 year old daughter and various political memes (spoiler alert: he does not appear to be a Trump fan). Oh, and he owns a "Training To Be Goku" shirt. I'm here for the nerds this season, y'all.

Lee: @leegarrett_

What you'll find: Lee made all his social media accounts private after Bachelorette fans discovered some very problematic tweets of his, but if you followed him before all that, you'll mostly be treated to artsy shots of food, fire pits, and selfies taken from mostly the same angle.

Lucas: @lucas.yancey

What you'll find: Surprise! It's mostly Whaboom-based.

Matthew: @matt_munson_

What you'll find: Matt's Instagram is sadly sparse, but boy does he enjoy taking pictures of food.

Mohit: @mo_sehgal

What you'll find: Mohit sure loves bowties when he dresses up! He also seems to love playing flag football, taking pictures with his niece, and making impromptu music videos with his brothers.

Peter: @peterkrauswi

What you'll find: Personal training videos, celebratory volleyball team poses, proud uncle pics of adorable babies, and an intense love for the Green Bay Packers.

Will: @thereal_billyg

What you'll find: Mostly pictures posing with friends and family, although once in a blue moon you'll find a clue pointing to one of Will's geekier interests, like a Game Of Thrones meme or a picture of a Star Wars book. Also, one time he used a run tracker to map out the shape of a pizza, so he's officially my second-favorite after Kenny. Nerds represent!

So which of these handsome dudes do you think is going to get down on one knee and propose to Rachel at the end of The Bachelorette? I know I've got my favorites — and I'm certainly going to follow them on Instagram this season!