Foreo's New Releases Are Perfect For Summer Travel

Despite the colder-than-normal temps in New York lately, there's no doubt that summer is coming and travel routines will pick up. That's why having a dedicated travel beauty routine in place is so important, and Foreo's travel beauty tools are going to seriously upgrade your routine.

If you follow the world of viral beauty trends closely, chances are good you've seen Foreo's Luna Play facial cleanser on Facebook or Instagram. The game-changing face cleanser is designed to scrub dirt and debris from your face better than any tool out there, and its silicon fingers are gentle and hygienic.

Although Foreo's Luna facial cleansing systems and Issa toothbrushes have both been crazy popular, the large systems aren't exactly ideal for traveling. But what if you're addicted to your Foreo products and don't want to travel without them? That's where the new Luna Play Plus and Issa Play smaller products come in. The products are similar to their larger counterparts, but the price points are significantly lower than the original Luna and Issa products. At $49 for both the Luna Play Plus and Issa Play, the cost of entry for these travel-friendly products is totally doable. Plus, is there anything better than feeling like you're at home while you travel? These Foreo products will definitely help with that.

Foreo Luna Play Plus, $49, Amazon

The Luna Play Plus is a follow-up to Foreo's popular $39 Luna Play. It's a little larger and is rechargeable, which will make traveling with it a cinch.

Foreo Issa Play, $49, Amazon

Looking for the perfect travel toothbrush? Look no further than this one. It doesn't require you to replace the brush heads, is the perfect size to throw into your dopp kit and will last for up to six months of travel, which is pretty much all you can ask for. Plus, the silicone bristles are more hygienic and easier to travel with than a classic toothbrush.