You Can Watch 'Get Out' For Free On President's Day For This Very Special Reason

It's been almost a year since Jordan Peele's film Get Out was released, but the cultural conversations surrounding its relevance are still thriving. To celebrate the movie's anniversary, Peele's Get Out is coming back to theaters on President's Day for free as a small, yet generous, thank you to fans for helping to make it the success it is today.

The 2017 standout movie tells the story of a young, black man named Chris (played by Daniel Kaluuya) and his experience with meeting the family of his white girlfriend Rose (played by Allison Williams). Things take a turn for the worse when Chris realizes that Rose and her meaning-well parents have ulterior motives, bringing a nightmare of many in disenfranchised communities to life. Since its February 2017 release, the indie thriller has been celebrated widely and credited for resurfacing some pretty important conversations about harmful perceptions of black people in the white gaze, as well as interracial dating.

Deservingly, Get Out has received multiple award nominations over the past year, including four 2018 Oscar nods for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actor, and Best Original Screenplay. Showing his appreciation to fans for helping to make it the success it is, on Feb. 13, Peele announced on Twitter that the critically acclaimed film will be showing for free at 55 participating AMC theaters across the country on Monday, Feb. 19.

Even though the film can currently be streamed on HBO, according to Peele, Get Out is at its best when seen in theaters, and fans couldn't agree with the multi-talent more.

Peele asked that fans be fully prepared for the theatrical experience, bringing both their hilarious commentary, and a friend or two in tow. But while basking in his generosity, fans also noticed one hilariously specific detail about his announcement — the screenings will be taken place on President's Day.

As mentioned, Get Out added a special touch to national conversations about race, and seeing as the country has had a tumultuous history with prejudice and discrimination toward disenfranchised persons, the screenings are coming off as sort of a deliberate slap-in-the-face to American leaders. Not to mention, the film was originally released just a month after Donald Trump — considered one of the most controversial Commander in Chiefs in recent U.S. history — was inaugurated.

Needless to say, the current president's rhetoric has been viewed as racially offensive and sexist on more than one occasion. And as pointed out by the Los Angeles Times, this "Trump effect" has contributed to the potentially harmful alienation of people of color and women, as well as the Southern Poverty Law Center reporting an increase in the amount of hate groups in the country. This, in turn, has inspired critics of his administration to seek real and concrete change.

Making the free screenings all the more exciting, the event will take place a few days after Marvel's Black Panther — starring a predominantly black cast — will be released to the public. Coincidentally, those Kaluuya fans will get to see the Oscar-nominated actor on the big screen in both of the popular and culturally relevant films, and possibly in the same day. What a way to top off Black History Month, huh?

If you're one of the many Americans looking to get in on the Get Out action this President's Day, you can check out the #GetOutOneYearLater site to find the closest participating AMC location to go to. According to the site, tickets are available the day of the showing, and given on a first come, first serve basis.

While it'll totally be a bummer to miss out on the screening, don't fret too much if you're unable to grab a ticket. Because as mentioned, you can watch the film as many times are you heart desires with an HBO subscription.