The Pieces In This Fruit Loops Fashion Collab Are A ‘90s Rainbow Daydream

Courtesy of Froot Loops x AWAYTOMARS

Calling all '90s babies and cereal stans (a venn diagram that is truly a circle): now you can eat your fave throwback cereal, and wear it, too. Froot Loops has its own fashion line now, and it's a rainbow, color-popping '90s day dream. The fashion line is the result of a collaboration with UK-based, user-designed fashion brand AWAYTOMARS, known for its unique method of bringing pieces to life by collaborating with designers and users to take innovative fashion concepts and turn them into realities — a concept that brought the new "Whatever Froots Your Loop" line to fruition with a nearly 700 co-creators from around the world.

The journey began earlier this year, when Froot Loops allowed people to send submissions for the collection. Designs could draw inspiration from three different palettes: the "Froot Loops" palette (made up of bright, rainbow colors, including green, blue, orange, yellow, purple and red); the "Toucan Sam" palette (made up of colors inspired by Froot Loops' mascot, including orange, pink, red, black, light, and dark blue); and the "Wild" palette (made up of colors inspired by Froot Loops' new Wild Berry flavor, including red, green, and blue loops, and purple stars), all of which are available to view on the AWAYTOMARS x Froot Loops collab page.

Months of ideating, prototyping, and creating have led to the 10-piece "Whatever Froots Your Loop" collection, which officially goes on sale on August 21.

Courtesy of Froot Loops x AWAYTOMARS

The collection was conceived by breaking down submissions into five categories, including Hats/Beanies, Jackets/Coats, Tops/Shirts, Dresses, and Shoes. Froot Loops, AWAYTOMARS, and a community of creatives then selected two of the popular designs to include in the official collection, which are all boppin' statement pieces that are sure to catch people's eye on the street.

Courtesy of Froot Loops x AWAYTOMARS

Some of the more statement pieces include a colorful wrap dress and a jacket adorned with bright stripes, while some of the more casual wears include two pairs of bright, summery sneakers and tees with eye-catching, colorful designs, all of which are inspired by the Froot Loops palettes posted on AWAYTOMARS' website.

Courtesy of Froot Loops x AWAYTOMARS

Basically, if you ever needed an excuse to match your whole squad up in edgy rainbows and frolic in the park for some iconic end-of-summer pics, the time is now. The Froot Loops line is available to purchase on AWAYTOMARS' website here, and it's limited edition — so hop on it while supplies last.

Froot Loops actually isn't the first food brand to launch its own fashion items this year; notably, McDonald's also launched a '90s-inspired collection, and Starbursts created an entire line themed to the iconic Pink Starbursts when it brought back the Pink Starbursts Bags for a limited time. Perhaps vying for the most ~extra~ of food x fashion collabs is Taco Bell, which recently launched an entire wedding collection themed to the restaurant's Las Vegas cantina, where you can, in fact, be legally wed.

Basically, no matter what your favorite food is, odds are you'll be able to wear it soon enough — we are in a food fashion renaissance, my friends, and this most recent collection will certainly Froot your Loop.