‘GoT’ Is The Most Marathoned Series Across The U.S., But Other Top Shows Might Surprise You

When you think of the most beloved show in the United States right now, you think of Game of Thrones. And, thanks to Geek.com, we now have confirmation. The site put together a list of the "most binge-watched shows in every state." And no surprise, according to their report, Game Of Thrones is the most marathoned show across the country. But, there are some other shows on this list that might surprise you by just how hooked Americans are on them.

Geek.com's survey, which enlisted 1,500 Americans to help them figure out streaming trends across the U.S., found that Game Of Thrones was not only the most marathoned show in many states, but also earned the honor of being Americans' favorite series to marathon nationwide. It was the top TV show in eight states including California, Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.

The survey also found that Game Of Thrones was the most-marathoned show in the last year and a half, likely as fans prepared to catch up before the start of the eighth and final season. No easy task, since it's aired 67 episodes over seven seasons that clock in at least an hour each. And that's a lot of hours.

Game Of Thrones wasn't the only series people across America couldn't help but watch really really fast. According to Geek.com, almost half of the 1,500 people surveyed preferred to watch comedy rather than drama, and so it's fitting that The Office and Friends landed in the top 10 of the most marathoned TV shows at No. 2 and No. 10, respectively. Three states chose The Office as their top show to marathon, including Ohio, South Carolina, and Kansas, while Idaho and Montana chose Friends.

Other TV standouts in the most marathoned shows included Amazon's Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (No. 4), Showtime's Shameless (No. 9), Grey's Anatomy (No. 7), and Ozark, which impressively landed in the third spot. The two-season Netflix drama starring Jason Bateman gives a pretty depressing look at the American dream, and yet it was the most marathoned show in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Massachusetts.

It's not the only Netflix series that found a spot in the Top 10. Grace and Frankie landed at No.5, while You, which is now on Netflix after originally airing on Lifetime, came in at No. 8. Who knows, it might start moving up the list real soon since You is returning to Netflix for Season 2. Not to mention, Penn Badgley's already promised Joe won't be changing his ways even if he's changing locations, which could up its marathoning allure.

As for the states with some of the more surprising viewing trends, those surveyed in Florida are apparently spending their time watching Amazon's Jack Ryan, starring The Office's John Krasinski as an action hero who definitely isn't slinging paper. Meanwhile, the people of Alaska are seemingly busy trying to get through Wentworth, an Australian prison drama that's currently streaming on Netflix.

In Utah, the most marathoned show, according to this study, is When Calls The Heart, a Hallmark Channel series starring Lori Loughlin that explores the lives of those living in the frontier town of Hope Valley. Loughlin was recently fired after her role in the college admissions scandal was revealed, but fans in Utah shouldn't worry since the series is coming back for Season 7.

As Game Of Thrones gets ready to say goodbye, it seems likely that it won't stop being the top marathoned show across America. Who knows, it might even end up gaining a few more states.