Jared Padalecki's New Baby Has A 'Gilmore Girls'-Related Name

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Get ready to be freaked out, because here is a situation where life is seriously imitating art. Geneveive and Jared Padalecki welcomed their third child Friday, March 17, Genevieve announced on Instagram Monday. They are now proud parents to a baby girl who is sweetly named Odette Elliott. They already have two boys, Thomas Colton and Austin Shepherd. Genevieve also shared an extremely adorable image that will probably make your heart melt of herself with her new baby girl.

Now you are probably wondering how Odette's birth imitates art, so allow me to inform you. First and foremost, her name is connected to Gilmore Girls. Who knows if Jared and Genevieve were inspired by the show or chose the name completely by coincidence, but the GG-relation is very real. Does anyone remember the name of Logan's fiancée in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? If you can't put two and two together, her name's Odette. JarPad's daughter has the same name as Logan's fiancée. I mean, what are the odds?

That's not the only Gilmore Girls connection. In the final episode of the first season of the Netflix reboot, it's revealed that Dean (played by JarPad, obviously) is married with three kids and has one on the way, who also happens to be a girl. Yeah, that's pretty much like what just happened to Jared in real life, save for the fact that he only had two kids pre-Odette's birth. Either way, there are some major Gilmore Girls connections here.

What makes this announcement all the more amazing is what Genevieve revealed alongside it. She has collaborated with Pop & Suki, a company where you can customize accessories, to raise funds for Planned Parenthood and the Human Rights Campaign. As Genevieve put it, they are both "two amazing causes" and they "need our help now more than ever."

The former Supernatural actor customized her very own heart tags in honor of Odette's birth and wants everyone to go do the same. "Help us spread the love and joy Odette has brought us by monogramming your own heart tag," she wrote in Instagram. "They are super limited edition so will run out quickly! Link to purchase is in my bio. I can't wait to see how you guys are personalizing your hearts!"

Between the Gilmore Girls link and her parents encouraging everyone to donate to two worthy organizations, Odette is already making quite the statement with her arrival. She is one lucky little girl.