Georgetown Cupcake's Lilly Pulitzer "Resort Dozen" Are Here For A Limited Time & Support An Important Cause

Georgetown Cupcakes

What a time to be young and Instagrammable and be alive, everyone. The iconic DC-based bakery Georgetown Cupcakes, brought to national renown thanks to TLC's DC Cupcakes, has announced that they are bringing back a popular and oh-so-pretty partnership. Georgetown's Lilly Pulitzer cupcakes are back, in all of their Resort Dozen-themed goodness. The assortment features cupcakes in Lilly Pulitzer's trademark vibrant pinks, greens, and golds, along with gorgeous resort-inspired decorations reminiscent of sandy beaches and tropical flowers. In other words: they are an Instagram enthusiast's dizziest daydream brought to life.

The flavors are also perfect for spring and summer vibes, with a lineup that will make you drool. Per Georgetown's website, there are two Valrhona chocolate cupcakes (in the "Lilly Green" vanilla buttercream), two Pineapple Banana Toasted Coconut cupcakes, two "Tropical Flower" vanilla cupcakes, two Citrus Blossom cupcakes, two "Lilly Pink" Vanilla & Buttercream cupcakes, and two Salted Caramel "Beach" cupcakes in each assorted dozen.

A slight caveat, though: these babies are only available between April 23 and April 30. In the immortal words of Robert Frost, nothing gold can stay. (He was referring to lifestyle brands with gold accents partnering with famous cupcake shops, right?) But the good news is, you don't have to be close to one of Georgetown Cupcakes' locations to partake. Georgetown offers nationwide overnight delivery to 48 states, so you can get your Lilly cupcakes on just about anywhere. And for those of us who happen to live close enough to get to a Georgetown location in New York City, Washington, D.C., Bethesda, New Boston, Los Angeles, or Atlanta can order for local delivery or pickup.

Lilly Pulitzer Resort Dozen, $35, Georgetown Cupcakes

Not only is this collab both beautiful and delicious, it benefits an important cause, too. According to Georgetown Cupcakes, 15 percent of the proceeds from the Lilly Pulitzer Resort Dozen will go to the Hope for Henry Foundation — a charity committed to working with hospital and healthcare specialists to "develop a robust and comprehensive program that makes a real and lasting impact on the lives of children fighting cancer and life-threatening blood diseases." You can learn more about Hope for Henry and how to donate independently of your sweet tooth by checking out their website here.

Since we're talking cupcakes here — specifically, Georgetown Cupcakes, the mother of all cupcake chains in the U.S. — it would be remiss of me not to mention the other assorted dozens available for purchase right now. Namely, the extremely timely Royal Wedding Dozen in celebration of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's upcoming nuptials. It is so committed to the theme that two of the cupcakes are lemon elderflower-flavored, a nod to the unique and springtime-festive flavor that the couple chose for their wedding cake.

Royal Wedding Dozen, $36, Georgetown Cupcakes

I don't want to tell you how to live your life (kidding, of course I do, I'm a lifestyle editor), but these cupcakes would pair swimmingly with the royal wedding tea that just debuted (or the royal wedding beer, which, to be fair, probably pairs well with just about anything).

All this is to say, you have plenty of cupcake-related options for celebrating the sun finally coming out of the sky. And if you're in want of more Lilly Pulitzer-related things, you can check out Pottery Barn's massive partnership with them that extends across all three of their brands. If there were ever a seasonally appropriate moment to take a picture of yourself lounging in a Lilly Pulitzer chair with a Lilly Pulitzer cupcake poised in front of your mouth, it's decidedly right now.