Meghan & Harry Have Their Own Wedding Beer Now And It Actually Sounds DELICIOUS

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Well everyone, we have 65 days left until the royal wedding, which is a number I know for totally normal, socially acceptable reasons and not because it is the sole thing I am living for. With that in mind, the Meghan and Harry merch hitting retail stores and an internet near you has reached a fever pitch — but none of the offerings, perhaps, are quite so delicious as the Meghan and Harry royal wedding-themed beer that just got announced, bless our overly-invested little hearts.

The beer, dubbed "Harry & Meghan's Windsor Knot" (cue the d'awwww) was created by Windsor & Eton Brewery — a mere 15 minute stroll from St. George's Chapel, where Harry and Meghan will be wed on May 19, according to the directions I just did you the service of Google Maps-ing. According to the press release on their website, the brew is a limited edition of their preexisting Windsor Knot, and was inspired by the couple's first joint public appearance at 2017's Invictus Games in Toronto. Fittingly, the beer is a perfect blend of human legend Meghan and her fiancé, combining elements from both of their roots.

It gives a nice story about Harry & Meghan’s backgrounds,” Windsor & Eton Brewery co-owner Willie Calvert told People. “We’re using some nice, fruity hops from [Yakima] in Washington State, and some English hops, which are more subtly flavored. English hops tend to be more of a grassy, textured flavor — a bit more like hay — whereas New World hops have more sunlight and are more strongly flavored.”

The English hops in the brew are especially key, because according to People, the barley in Windsor Knot is grown on Queen Elizabeth's Windsor farm. Keeping it in the family, y'all.

Also noteworthy on the bottle's label is that the "knot" is half a British flag, and half an American flag, united in alcoholic matrimony the same way Meghan and Harry will be in two months. While this still isn't nearly as good as the self-insert fan fiction I wrote in my youth about becoming a princess myself one day, this sounds just delicious enough to take the edge off the disappointment.

Windsor & Eton Brewery notes in their press release that they are the "only royal wedding beer brewed in Windsor," and that's an honor that they've no doubt earned: the Windsor Knot, the beer that this special edition was based on, was actually created to honor William and Kate's wedding in 2011. Apparently the demand was so popular that it became a regular fixture. As Cosmopolitan notes, they also created a beer for both Prince George's and Princess Charlotte's births. Low key a little salty that nobody celebrated my existence with the creation of an alcoholic beverage, but we'll double back to that later, Mom.

The beer is now available for preorder, either in nine gallon casks or in cases of 12 bottles. It officially launches March 28 and starts shipping on April 3, which gives you plenty of time to stock up for your pre-dawn royal wedding viewing party, which is obviously going to get turnt. (British friends, on May 19 please pour one out for your sleep-deprived friends on the other side of the pond.)

And hey, if beer doesn't quite do it for you, there are plenty of other Harry and Meghan novelties at your disposal — you can get yourself some Harry and Meghan dolls, Harry and Meghan royal wedding china, and even, if it suits the mood, some Harry and Meghan royal wedding condoms. Don't say the internet never gave you anything.