There's A Royal Wedding Tea & It Would Pair PERFECTLY With Meghan & Harry's Cake


When it comes to royal wedding-themed beverages, the internet has aggressively got your back. First there was a royal wedding-themed beer, brewed at a location that's a mere 15-minute walk from where Meghan and Harry are getting married; then there was royal wedding-themed wine, which is really just all of Meghan Markle's known favorites; and now there is a Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea to round out all that alcohol and help everyone celebrate in the authentically British, royally sophisticated way — well, as sophisticated as it can get when you're waking up at 5 a.m. for live coverage (thanks for that, Brits!).

The Royal Wedding Tea is not only going to be key for those of us struggling to stay awake to get a glimpse of Meghan's dress, but is super fitting for the springtime wedding. It's a limited edition blend with Chinese Mutan White tea buds, with almond, coconut, and vanilla — a combination that just happens to pair perfectly with Meghan and Harry's chosen wedding cake flavor, which will be lemon elderflower. Harney & Sons is currently selling it on their website in tins of 30 sachets for $12, which is just enough to make sure all of your guests get at least two cups of steaming hot tea for the royal wedding party you are definitely throwing at the crack of dawn.

We actually had a chance to sample the tea at the Bustle offices — it should be noted that the incredibly extra Harry and Meghan mug does not come with the tea, but in fact is a piece of memorabilia I purchased at Heathrow a few months ago and should be more embarrassed about owning than I am.


The tea has a very light, rose-forward taste, and outside of its royal wedding purposes, is perfect for that 11 a.m. pick-me-up you need when you're starting to lose some steam but it's not quite time for lunch. When it brews the flower petals really open up and pop with a gorgeous pink and blue, and release a very fragrant floral smell in the air.

There happened to be some dark strawberry Milanos in the kitchen when we were brewing this, so I can also confirm that it pairs very well with dessert — in fact, I think anything fruit-based would go well with this tea, whether it was strawberries with cream or a full-on fruit tart. But my prolific sweet tooth aside, it's also flavorful enough to enjoy sans lemon elderflower wedding cake (although if you have any to spare, Meghan, get at me).

Harney & Sons

Royal Wedding Tea, $12, Harney & Sons

Much like Meghan and Harry themselves, this blend also supports charitable causes — specifically Historic Royal Palaces, which helps take care of the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, the Banqueting House, Kensington Palace, Kew Palace and Hillsborough Castle. Always worth raising a teacup to a good cause!

Anyway, this is just one of many ways you can celebrate the royal wedding the day of — there are entire menus you can curate based on Meghan Markle's favorite foods, a whole slew of royal-themed party games you can play while you're waiting for the wedding to start, and plenty of royal party themes you can use to set the tone for the whole affair. It'll be so fun that you'll hardly remember the crushing despair of knowing you weren't invited in person, despite loyally watching four entire seasons of Suits! Just remember, y'all — go to bed early the night before, and drink as much tea as you can. The wedding festivities will be going on all day and you don't want to sleep through a second of it.