This Is What Gisele Wore To The Super Bowl

Fernanda Calfat/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It doesn't matter if she's on a magazine cover, or in the stands at a football game — Gisele Bündchen always looks great. So I knew Bündchen's 2017 Super Bowl outfit was going to be something special.

And, of course, it totally was. Bündchen posted a photo to Instagram about three hours before the game of herself and a whole group of women and girls wearing white jerseys that said "Brady's Ladies" and "Brady's Little Ladies." It was a solid show of support for her husband ahead of the big game.

This definitely wasn't the first time Bündchen (or the Patriots, for that matter) have rocked it at the Super Bowl. Back in 2015, when the Patriots faced the Seattle Seahawks, she showed her team spirit with a selfie on Instagram. The pic featured her typical super fan vibe, as well as a fabulous bedazzled Patriots jersey (with Brady's number 12, obviously).

Her Patriots fandom, and how she helps Brady get ready for big games, is just about as #couplesgoals as it gets. There's no designer tagged in the photo, but chances are copycat versions of the jerseys will be available for purchase pretty soon.

Pretty sweet, right?