This Glitter Sunscreen Is All You Need For Festival Season

Sunscreen is both your friend and not your friend at the same time. Consider if your frenemy. Sure, it protects your skin, but if you're taking flash photos, it's a recipe for flashback disaster. Now, however, glitter sunscreen exists, and it's a win for glow lovers who want to protect their skin with a little bit of umph.

Brand Sunshine & Glitter has somehow managed to make a product you may loathe putting on before hitting the beach or pool just a bit more exciting. While it's not Fenty Beauty's new Body Lava, the Sea Star Sparkle Sunscreen gives you an extra boost of glow while still giving you major sun protection.

According to the brand, the SPF is effective for up to 80 minutes after application, and it provides SPF 50+ worth of sun protection. While that's all well and good, let's be honest. The best part? Is definitely the fact that it's glittery. While you may have been applying highlighter to your collarbones and shoulders or even rocking a body glitter during festival season, none of the those products probably provided sun protection the way Sunshine & Glitter can. Basically, it's a glittery, sun protecting miracle in a container, and you definitely need to try it.

While you may be thinking that a product that's so Instagram ready could be a bit pricy, think again. While the sunscreen isn't the inexpensive kind you'll find at the drugstore, it's certainly not going to break the bank. It rings in just under $20 for 4 oz. Plus, there's variety. After all, glitter isn't one hue fits all. You can snag your new sun protectant obsession in rainbow with a party cake scent, gold with a mango scent, or pink with a berry scent.

If you're curious about it's effectiveness, Allure has you covered. The magazine reached out to dermatologist Dr. Alan Parks of DermWarehouse to find out if a sunscreen filled with glitter can really protect you from those skin-damaging rays. Dr. Parks explained, "The effect of glitter should theoretically not cause a change in effectiveness of the sunscreen if the sunscreen is applied in a sufficient amount to cover the exposed area of skin." The only thing he warned to watch out for? If the glitter does begin to irritate your skin once applied.

Plus, in excellent news, according to the site's FAQ section, the non-metallic glitter used in their sunscreens are safe for use on the face as well. If you want to look like an actual, mango, berry, of cake scented mermaid from head to toe on the beach, you totally can thanks to the brand.

Of course, there's also another great use for the brand's sparkling sunscreen, and that's festival season. With Coachella around the corner and summer music festivals gearing up for launch, what better way to protect your skin than with a product that turns you into a disco ball that doubles as skin care?

Plus, let's be honest, glitter is kind of all the rage at festival. From glitter roots to glitter freckles to glitter makeup, if you're headed out into the sun to get your jam on, a great glitter product is a way to go, and Sunshine & Glitter's sunscreen is basically the perfect way to turn your beauty and skin care products into biffles.

Whether you're headed to the pool, the beach, of a music festival, you can now sparkle while you stay protected from the sun's harmful rays. To shoe Sunshine & Glitter's Sea Star Sparkle sunscreen, head over to the brand's website now. For less than $20, you can get your glow on and protect your skin.