Rihanna Just Announced The Next Fenty Beauty Product & It's Totally Unexpected

Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Have you been saying to yourself, "It's been a while since Rihanna dropped new makeup?" Are you jonesing for new products? Good news because Fenty Beauty's Body Lava is coming, and this body luminizer is going to make you glow like only Rihanna can make you glow.

In a surprise post to her personal Instagram account, Fenty Beauty creator Rihanna debuted the brand's next product, and it's bronzing, it's glowy, and it's coming for you. The product? Fenty Beauty Body Lava, and not to get too punny over here, but it's basically fire in a container — bronze fire, that is.

In her Instagram story, Rihanna showcased two bottles of what can basically be described as liquid gold and sparkling champagne swirling around like some sort of magical highlighting potion. Everyone knows Rihanna is magic, after all.

According to the packaging sitting to the side of these two new bottles, the potion is actually Body Lava, and it's a body luminizer worthy of the most curated of Instagram feeds. Rihanna is basically taking one of her most popular existing products (her Killawatt Highlighters) and somehow making it even more versatile, more gorgeous, and must lust-worthy.

So far, though, little is known about the product. However, it's certainly Rihanna-approved. Not only did she obviously help craft it (it is her brand after all), but in a follow-up video, she told her fans that she is almost out of her own bottles of Body Lava.

Following the reveal, the Fenty Beauty account quickly reposted the images and video, and now, Body Lava is everyone's must-have product for warmer weather. Given the body luminizer's debut so close to the onset of spring and the beginning of summer, this certainly seems like a clear choice to give your body a goddess-like glow for sunshine and poolside hangouts.

As for the names of the two shades, based on Rihanna's Instagram story, fans are looking at Brown Sugar, a gorgeous shimmering bronze, and Who Needs Clothes, a stunning champagne color.

As of press time, however, there have been no follow-up posts regarding a cost or launch date. But it's Fenty Beauty: Fans don't need a ton of details to get excited about a new goody from the newly-minted makeup mogul. Ever since Rihanna's very first Fenty Beauty debut, her subsequent products have basically all been smash hits. Why should that stop now? Knowing how well-reviewed previous products were, Body Lava is sure to be as well.

Plus, only a short time after Fenty's Body Lava debuted on Rihanna's Instagram, fans were taking to Twitter to express their love of this shimmering duo.

Despite the price tag not being out, people are already will to pay whatever it costs.

As for the use, it's clearly for the body which means that bath tubs are about to be filled with Body Lava for the summer.

Get ready to glow like you've never glowed before.

Your glow is going to be visible from the moon.

You should probably prepare yourself and stock up to make sure your body is glittering as Trophy Wife.

It hasn't even been 12 hours, and fans are already begging for Body Lava.

Needless to say, fans are shook.

There could be actual tears.

If you want to learn more about Fenty Beauty's Body Lava in Brown Sugar and Who Needs Clothes, keep your eyes on both the brand's and Rihanna's social media accounts. More details are probably soon to emerge, and you don't want to miss this launch given its already hyped-up status on Twitter.

Until the launch date is announced and you can officially mark you calendar, rest assured that come spring and summer, you'll have a Rihanna approved glow able to coat your entire body, and there can't be much that's better than that.