Gorgeous Prom Makeup For People Who Wear Glasses

Gals who wear glasses on the regular may be considering wearing contacts for prom, but if your specs are a part of your signature style, you'll likely be looking for prom makeup for people who wear glasses.

If you fancy a change, contact lenses are an awesome way to mix things up for special occasions, but of course, you should always stay true to yourself and never feel peer-pressured into doing anything you don't want to — that includes ditching your glasses for prom. It may seem like a silly thing to mention, but your parents, friends, or even your date may suggest you wear contacts for the big day. But, don't cave in if you love your glasses! A pair of awesome glasses can really make an outfit and speak volumes about your innate style. Just like any other garment or accessory, your glasses may make you feel like a million dollars, so don't be dissuaded from wearing them by anyone.

With that in mind, you've probably begun thinking about your makeup for prom. The eyes are (apparently) the windows to the soul so you'll want to choose a makeup look that emphasises this, as well as complementing your frames.

So here are some gorgeous prom makeup styles for people who wear glasses, because your frames are fabulous!

1. The Special Occasion Makeup

This YouTuber shows viewers how to create a beautiful makeup look that's ideal for wearing with glasses and wearing at special occasions.

2. The Easy Eye Makeup

Gals who find makeup a little tricky will love the simplicity of this makeup look, which the vlogger states will last the wearer all day — so you don't have to worry about retouches during the celebrations.

3. The Makeup For Glasses Lookbook

If you're super stuck for ideas and you don't even know which pair of glasses from your collection to wear to prom, this tutorial is incredibly helpful. The vlogger shows a bunch of different types of glasses with a couple of different makeup looks, so you can decide which style you like best.

4. The Prom Specific Look

This YouTuber created a makeup look with prom in mind, that's especially for glasses wearers and the results are stunning.

5. The Smoky Style

Prom goers who want to amp up the glam vibe of their ensemble will love this smoky evening makeup look.

6. The Pretty Look

Fancy a fling with a feminine makeup look? You're in for a treat with this pretty makeup that'll look gorgeous paired with a romantic prom dress.

7. The Vintage Inspired Look

Although this tutorial is entitled, "Everyday Vintage Makeup For Glasses," IMO, vintage style makeup instantly makes the wearer appear perfectly polished. Vintage fans are sure to love this look, so if you're rocking a retro dress for prom, follow this video for makeup to match!

8. The Bold Lip

Ladies who love a striking pout will find some major prom-spo in this trendy tutorial.

9. The Eye-Popping Makeup

As the vlogger explains, this makeup look aims to make your eyes pop and "bring attention and sparkle to your eyes!" It sounds perfect for drawing attention to your peepers come prom night.

10. The Naturally Chic Look

If you don't wear makeup regularly, but you fancy wearing a natural makeup look for prom, this tutorial will leave you looking chic in a jiffy.

11. The Gorgeously Glowy Makeup

This tutorial features a golden eyeshadow and a mixture of highlighters to create a beautifully glowy makeup look that'll add some seriously ethereal vibes to your prom attire.

Your glasses are certainly not a hindrance when it comes to makeup — in fact, they can draw attention to your eyes even more so than going without glasses. Stay true to you and have fun picking a prom makeup look to complement your favorite glasses.

Image: Cosmobyhaley/YouTube