Hannah B. & Tyler C.'s Quarantine TikTok Is The Opposite Of Social Distancing

Mark Bourdillon/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

The overall goal of social distancing is to keep yourself and others from congregating in large groups — 10 or more people. However, Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron's quarantine TikTok video indicates that not only are the two of them still hanging out together in the midst of this national health crisis, but they're also not entirely abiding by the CDC's recommendations to keep far away from others as much as possible. But, despite the big group hang they seem to have going on, -it's difficult not to get excited to see these two Bachelorette favorites in such close proximity to each other during these trying times.

Tyler's popularity skyrocketed throughout Hannah's season of The Bachelorette. Fans loved his respectful demeanor toward Hannah and women in general as well as his lack of drama in a Luke P.-centric world. That's why it was so heartbreaking not to see their relationship work out, even after the show was over. And while as of now they appear to be "just friends," their ongoing relationship starting to fuel dating rumors, and has fans hoping that these two might end up together after all.

As of now, that remains to be seen, but thanks to a recent TikTok video that the two of them are featured in, it appears they've been spending an awful lot of time with each other, and may continue to do so throughout the course of this pandemic.

The TikTok was posted under the account "The Quarantine Crew" and showcases Tyler, Hannah, as well as six others dancing around together and having a blast. They also definitely aren't standing at least six feet apart from each other, which is somewhat worrisome considering that Hannah just got off a plane a few days ago.

The former Bachelorette landed in Florida last weekend and was seen getting picked up at the airport by Tyler. A source told E! News that the former duo "seemed genuinely happy to see each other," though noted that "things didn't appear romantic," given the lack of PDA. This is Hannah's second recent trip to Florida, having flown down a week prior to support Tyler in the wake of his mom's death.

Obviously it's nice that Tyler and Hannah are able to be with each other and those they care about during such a scary point in history, but it's also vital that they — and the rest of the world — follow the guidelines laid out by the CDC in order to help stop the coronavirus from spreading. Hopefully, they're being slightly more cautious than this one TikTok video might suggest. Social distancing might not go hand-in-hand with Bachelor Nation, but they might want to take a step apart just in case.

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