Hannah B. May Be Going From 'The Bachelorette' To The 'DWTS' Ballroom After All

by Kristie Rohwedder
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A Bachelor Nation favorite could be pas de bourrée-ing her way to the ballroom. According to a new Us Weekly report, multiple sources have said that Hannah Brown will be on Dancing with the Stars Season 28. ABC has not officially unveiled the upcoming roster, but that will change in two days’ time: The DWTS Season 28 cast will be announced on the Wednesday, Aug. 21 episode of Good Morning America.

Us Weekly's report arrived hot on the heels of a very curious DWTS teaser photo. Over the last week, the dancing competition series has been sharing some cryptic black and white photos of contestants from the forthcoming season, including one that left Bachelor Nation asking "Hannah Beast, is that you?" While we do not see the photo subject’s face, we can see her torso, hair, arms, and hands. “We’d LOVE to tell you who this is… But we’re going to make you wait a few more days,” reads the caption. “Any guesses?”

Oh, are there ever some guesses. Some fans believe it may be soccer star Alex Morgan. Others think it could be Jennifer Love Hewitt. (Honestly, if those rhinestone letters on the mystery person’s arm are an homage to JLH’s passion for vajazzling, just give her the Mirrorball trophy now.) An overwhelming number of fans are confident that that hand and that torso and that hair and those freckles belong to none other than Hannah. The Beast could very well be headed to the ballroom.

If that is indeed Hannah and/or Hannah is indeed part of the DWTS Season 28 roster, it would not come as a surprise. Not only is she a) part of the ABC family and b) a very big deal right now, but Hannah on DWTS has been in the reali-tea leaves for some time. Bachelor Nation spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve has been saying for a minute that Hannah will almost certainly on the upcoming DWTS roster, and Reality Steve’s scoops are not to be taken lightly. (He also reported that Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron will not be on DWTS and was never going to be on DWTS, so maybe update your cast prediction list accordingly?)

And above all else, Alabama Hannah seems into the idea of being on show. Variety recently asked Hannah if there might be a season of DTWS in her future, and she did not say no. Instead, she smiled and said, "Wouldn't that be fun?" Yes, it sure would be fun.

Again, we will not know for sure until Wednesday, but it seems like Hannah is a solid bet for the newest batch of contestants. Here's hoping Hannah's name is one of the names on the DWTS Season 28 cast list. It has been a long, long while since someone got to bring the Mirrorball trophy home to Bachelor Nation, and feels like we're due for one. It sure would be a dang delight to watch Hannah Beast give Dancing with the Stars the ol' Hannah Beast try.