Hannah's Mom Dropped Some Serious Wisdom On 'Girls'

Mark Schafer/HBO

Even though Hannah is a mom herself, sometimes you just need a mom to give you the greatest reality check of your life. After Marnie called Loreen up, Hannah's mom came to the rescue on Girls. Although she maybe didn't respond to the news that Hannah was pregnant in the most motherly way, she was back in full force during the series finale — dropping essential wisdom on both Hannah and Marnie that helped reset their paths in a positive direction for the end of the series.

While Loreen did help Marnie realize that it wasn't worth staying with Hannah if it was going to ruin their friendship, her biggest contribution to "Latching" was the epic speech she gave her own daughter. As Hannah's mental health issues and narcissism started to come back up a few months after giving birth, she needed some guidance. And guidance — or, more like tough love — she got from her mom, starting with Loreen calling out Hannah for not acting like a "f*cking grownup."

From there on, it's best to let Loreen Horvath speak in her own words:

"You want to act like this whole thing was an accident? Like it happened to you? That's fine, Hannah. But that's not honest. You made a choice to have this child, and guess what? It's the first one you can't take back. You can't get your tuition refunded. You can't break the lease. You can't delete his phone number. Your son is not a temp job. He's not Adam. This is it, honey, and this is forever."

Loreen Horvath for the win!!

Although maybe it shouldn't have taken Hannah to have a child for her to get this type of real talk, it was beyond necessary at this point in her life. And while her mom might have been willing to let her daughter make mistakes with school, apartments, and boyfriends, she wasn't going to let Hannah make those types of mistakes with her own child. That's what being a great mom is all about and with that type of advice, Hannah might just end up being a great mom too.