Hannah & Tyler Have Very Similar Reasons They’re Not Dating Right After 'The Bachelorette'

ABC/John Fleenor

Now that the bloom is off the rose with Jed, Bachelor Nation is really rooting for Hannah to get back together with Tyler. Disappoint them as it might, Hannah's reason for not dating Tyler right away is actually filled with hope and much more pragmatic than just picking back up right where she and her runner-up left off in Greece. "It's only been two months ... so my feelings just don't go away, but also we've both been hurt," Hannah explained in a July 31 interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I hurt him, I was hurt through that, and I was hurt through the relationship that I had."

Of course, Hannah's "bold" move of asking Tyler out on ABC's After the Final Rose special shows she's obviously into the idea of dating again. With a couple months of distance post-filming, however, there's now a whole new reality for each of them to take into account. "I think it's really important that if any type of relationship is going to happen for Tyler and I, that we hang out, and just see where we're at, and if that's friends, if it's more, I'm good with that," the former beauty queen added during her ET sitdown.

ABC/Mark Bourdillon

Speaking to E! News the same day, Hannah echoed those sentiments about Tyler, adding, "We can't go back to engagement day, but I think we both want to be in each other's life in some form, and we will do whatever will bring us both happiness and support that for each other."

And, yes, that will include that drink Hannah asked Tyler to grab with her — though the particulars haven't exactly been mapped out yet. Immediately after suggesting she and Tyler "hang out," the Bachelorette star told E! that she "was rushed right off the stage." Plus, distance poses an issue with the pair finding a chance to "be normal human beings." As the outlet noted, Hannah lives in Los Angeles, while Tyler is based in New York.

All of that being said, another piece of good news for the duo: Tyler's feelings about dating Hannah again put them both on right about the same page. "I cherish Hannah and value her and our friendship so much, but I don’t think it’s healthy for us to jump into anything right away," Tyler revealed in a new interview with People. "I think we need to be friends and see where life takes us. Whatever happens, happens."

Either way, Tyler added, he "will always love and care for that girl" and "will always be her biggest fan and biggest supporter."

In a separate interview with Nick Viall on his The Viall Files podcast, Tyler added that "there's no pressure for anything" and that he's looking forward to taking it "one step at a time" and seeing what happens from there.

"We went through a whole lot together. You know, that was a crazy journey to share and experience with somebody," he shared with Viall. "And I value and cherish our relationship and our friendship and that's something I don't wanna just cut off cold turkey because it didn't work out."

And, hey, if things don't turn back to romance, there are plenty of people who wouldn't mind seeing Tyler be the next Bachelor either.