This Official Harry Potter Stationery Means You Can Send Owl Posts To Everyone You Know


Looking for a new journal to write down all of your magical thoughts? Harry Potter stationery is now available on Pottermore, so get your quills and owls ready. The Harry Potter social site has released a stationery line with journals based on the art collection unveiled earlier this year, and you will want to see all of them on your bedside table.

Pottermore's new Harry Potter stationery collection contains 11 notebooks and one set of quote cards, featuring wise statements from the late, great Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. All of the journals feature cover art from the Pottermore collection, and you can purchase a set of seven notebooks with Olly Moss covers, so that your journals match the latest editions of the Harry Potter books.

The new journals and notecards available on Pottermore are far from the only Harry Potter stationery out there. On other, non-Pottermore sites, you can snag a wax-sealing kit to send Hogwarts letters to your friends, buy notebooks to rep your Hogwarts house, or grab your very own writing quill and stand to compose excellent scrolls.

Check out some of the Harry Potter stationery items from Pottermore below, and be sure you head over to the site to view the full collection.

Albus Dumbledore: Words of Wisdom

Any Harry Potter fan will tell you that, even though his moral compass pointed to a questionable North at times, Albus Dumbledore was chock-full of good advice for his students, Harry in particular. These 3" x 4" notecards come in a set of 30, so there's one to inspire you every day of the month. They also arrive in a "dark blue, silk-laminated box," per the Pottermore shop, so they'll look nice on your desk or bookshelf.

Albus Dumbledore: Words of Wisdom, $24.95, Pottermore

Olly Moss Notebook Set

With their lushly illustrated covers and stapled spines, these notebooks are versatile enough to be treasured keepsakes or tossed-around daybooks. Any of these A6 notebooks would make a wonderful conversation-starter on your next trip to the coffee shop. With more than 400 total pages for less than $20, this is the best deal you can find on Harry Potter journals at Pottermore.

Olly Moss Notebook Set, $19.95, Pottermore

Hogwarts Notebook

If you don't like the flashiness of the Olly Moss Notebook Set, consider the chunky utilitarianism of Pottermore's Hogwarts Notebook. The cover, designed by Steve Wilson, is bold without being overstated, and the 160 A5-sized pages within provide more than enough room for your latest thoughts, dreams, and fears.

Hogwarts Notebook, $17.95, Pottermore