Harry Styles' Duet With Stevie Nicks Is Helping Make Him The Next Classic Rock Star — VIDEO

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In case you didn't think magic was real, I have some proof that it is, and it exists in the forms of two great musicians. At a secret show in Los Angeles on Friday night, Harry Styles duetted with Stevie Nicks on the classic ballad "Landslide, which is Nicks' own song. For Nicks, it was imaginably a special and fun moment. For Styles, however, I'd hazard a guess that this is a milestone in his career. Being able to sing such a well-known song with the musician who originally sang it is proof that you're allowed to take up the mantle of the next great classic rock star, right?

According to Billboard, Styles was playing at the Troubadour night club in Los Angeles. All was going well for the secret show set-up when, out of the flippin' blue, Nicks just showed up. Cool as a cucumber, the Fleetwood Mac singer graced some lucky fans with her presence as she sang "Landslide" with Styles.

As one might expect, they sounded great together. Over the years, "Landslide" has become a beloved song in music that's covered endlessly; with Styles and Nicks on duty, it sounds even dreamier than expected. What's interesting, though, is that this duet makes it clear Styles is the classic rock revivalist fans have been expecting since "Sign Of The Times" was released.

As the other former members of One Direction have trotted off in their own respective solo careers, Styles has made it clear his solo career is going to recall the rock legends who have come before him. At various points on his self-titled debut album, his voice sounds like Mick Jagger or David Bowie, his songs echoing Nick Drake, The Kinks, and yes, even Fleetwood Mac. All of this amounts to one glaring, beautiful truth: Styles recognizes the greats and honors them through his music, all while putting his own unique spin on things.

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That's exactly why this "Landslide" duet with Nicks was so great. He was bringing all of that classic rock goodness to his live performance while actually getting a chance to sing alongside a rock legend who paved the way for him. Now that's what I call "magic."