How Lady Gaga Tests All Her Haus Laboratories Makeup Products Before They Launch

Haus Labs new Le Monster Lip Crayons launch Feb. 18.
Courtesy of Haus Labs

Sarah Tanno is wearing Haus Laboratories' Le Monster Lip Crayon in Miami Tango when I speak to her over the phone. I know this because she tells me that she needed a pick-me-up to get her through the day. For Tanno, that's the bold, orange hue of Haus Laboratories' latest creation. But it's not just for her. She and Lady Gaga want to give that same oomph makeup gives them to everyone.

When I talk to Tanno, I'm sans makeup, completely bare faced with only an SPF. It's the flu that's caused my utter inability to apply so much as a brow gel. Tanno makes me want to change that as soon as she beings to explain how Miami Tango, her chosen shade in Haus Laboratories' new lip crayons, has given her the power to get through her day despite lacking in the energy department.

"We don't expect everyone to wake up in the morning and feel their best every day or feel completely empowered," she tells me. "If you don't want to wear makeup that's fine, but we like to use it as a tool of expression to really push ourselves to put on a brave face, whatever that means, for you and your life. Today, I needed a little help getting through my day, so whenever I catch myself in the mirror, I feel a little bit better if I have a bright color on."

Courtesy of Haus Labs

The new Le Monster Lip Crayons are not short on color. The 12 new matte formula lipsticks were tested on a multitude of skin tones and formulated to be an inclusive range that provides opaque, one swipe coverage. Plus, they're long lasting. Tanno explains to me that every Haus Laboratories product goes through one particular test before launch: Lady Gaga's Enigma show.

According to Tanno, the Le Monster Lip Crayons (and every launch from the brand) have gone through show upon show at Gaga's Vegas residency. While the brand's testing methods are unique — we're not all going to be dancing and singing our way through an hours long set — Haus Labs uses them to create a blend of performability and ease any one can appreciate.

Courtesy of Haus Labs

Tanno may be the co-creator of the brand, but she's also a working makeup artist. She's helped to create many of Gaga's most iconic looks, — like those golden lashes at the 2019 Met Gala — but she and the singer both know not everyone can grab some glitter and go for it.

"I really don't want women to try to sit in front of the mirror and look perfect and do their makeup for an hour or an hour and a half every day," she tells me. "You should be able to do your makeup in 10-20 minutes with our products and feel completely pulled together."

Courtesy of Haus Labs

It's this philosophy of quality formula meets easy-to-use that can be found across the board at Haus Laboratories, not just in the new lip crayons. Tanno specifically points to the brand's initial launch where it debuted the liquid shimmer powder Glam Attacks. The product isn't the traditional form of an eyeshadow, but Tanno explains to me that the brand is all about innovating via alternative formulas that are actually easier to use than traditional ones.

"I think people feel intimidated to try an alternative form of a product," she says going on to cite the brand's shimmer powders versatility and ease. "We really think about the formula first and foremost with everything we are producing with our product development team."

As for what's next for Haus Laboratories, Tanno has a clear answer: everything. "We're going to do everything," she tells me. "We are so passionate about this brand, and we're not going to put anything out until it's ready. Eventually, we will have a full lineup of everything you can imagine and more."

For now, fans have Haus Laboratories' Le Monster Lip Crayons launching Feb. 18 on Amazon and the brand's website. And with their bold tones and creamy formula, that's certainly enough for now.