Clint & Natasha Shippers Are VERY Happy With The New 'Avengers: Endgame' Trailer

There's a whole lot of shipping going on after fans got a look at Hawkeye's role in the new Avengers 4 trailer, which dropped on Thursday, March 14. But, it seems Twitter is most intrigued by the relationship between Black Widow and Hawkeye, who is officially back, baby. And with a new haircut that has helped him earn the fantastic new nickname "Mohawkeye." And, the way he interacts with Natasha in the new trailer has some fans wondering if they're endgame in Endgame.

Well, that's what some fans are hoping after these two besties were spotted getting rather close in the upcoming film, in theaters April 26. It's the end of the world as the Avengers know it, and the two former SHIELD agents are definitely leaning on each other for support, both emotionally and, perhaps, physically.

Other fans, though, think all that hand-holding is a sign of something way more platonic. Times are tough, but these two BFFs are just happy to see one another. Hawkeye sat Infinity War out after making a deal with the government that let him have his freedom if he didn't go back to his vigilante ways. Seeing as Hawkeye is back with the Avengers sporting a very emo new look, it seems very likely that his family disappeared after Thanos snapped his fingers in Infinity War. He's more likely back for revenge, not to start a new love affair with Black Widow.

Either way, the Twitterverse is experiencing all the feels one Natasha and Clint tweet at a time. Here are some of the best to get you through this emotionally trying time.

1. Emotions Are Running So High

One fan named @Ephemerallyf got "so emotional" every time they saw those Endgame shots of Natasha and Clint getting close. And honestly, can you blame them?

2. Oh, The Hand Holding!

An all-caps tweet from @Elysiee about whether Clint and Natasha's hands are actually clasped might cause more than a few heart attacks.

3. Sorry, Hulk Is So Last Avengers Movie

The oh so loving shots of Hawkeye and Black Widow together in the rain had a fan named @justiceairee getting some things off their chest. Like, you know, the fact that they feel "Hulk was a mistake" and was never the right partner for Natasha.

4. Clint & Natasha 4-EVA, Again?

Let the retconning begin! Endgame may be adding a new element to Clint and Natasha's story to offer a new interpretation of their relationship, which in fandom is called "retconning." But as @spacerenegades pointed out this just feels like one of the many times Marvel has retconned these two, who have had a longstanding partnership since they're the two Avengers without any super powers.

5. Natasha & Clint's Relationship Feels Familiar

The friendship between Natasha and Clint reminded fan @BuchananLoki of another sweet Marvel duo. "Clint is the Groot to Natasha's Rocket," they tweeted.

6. Rooting For Clintasha & Clintasha ONLY

Whatever is going between Clint and Natasha, author Andrea Towers is all in. She even added a sweet line Natasha said back in the first Avengers film: "Love is for children, I owe him a debt." No, you're crying.

7. A Case Of Brotherly Love

Don't get it twisted, the love between Natasha and Clint, according to a fan named @goshromanoff, is very familial. "He's like a big brother for her," they tweeted.

8. A Relationship Of Convenience

Maybe, it's not love at all, @DieRobinsonDie proposed, it's just a smart way to save on a haircut. Honestly, they both have some skills with the cutting shears, too.

9. The Hand Holding Is Just A Distraction

That hand holding? That pat on the back? That lean in? According to Bustle's Lifestyle Editor, Emma Lord, this is all just a way to keep fans from focusing on what's going on with Natasha and Clint's hair.

Not to mention, might be a way to distract fans from thinking about all the characters that might not survive Endgame. Yes, let's keep talking about Black Widow and Hawkeye's relationship status because everything else is just way too complicated.