Black Widow & Hawkeye Fight In The New 'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer, But Fans Don't Need To Worry — VIDEO

As the release date of Captain America: Civil War approaches, audiences are being treated to more and more information about what to expect from the long-awaited movie. While the new international Captain America: Civil War trailer doesn't feature that much new footage, it does show us a potentially pivotal scene between Black Widow and Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson battle it out, and not for the first time, giving us even more proof that we need a Black Widow movie and we need it now. Renner has been talking about the possibility of a Netflix series for Hawkeye, but isn't it about time that Johansson was given the starring vehicle her character more than deserves?

The added scene may be short, but it confirms just how at odds all the members of the Avengers are in Captain America: Civil War. Hawkeye appears to throw Black Widow to the ground and pin her there. In typical Marvel comedic fashion, Black Widow asks Hawkeye, "We're still friends, right?" to which he replies, "Depends on how hard you hit me." Then we see the shortest snippet of a punch, before the footage cuts to an explosion. So what does this mean for Black Widow and Hawkeye's friendship? Will the team be forever split apart by the events of the third Captain America movie?

As The Avengers and Avengers: Age Of Ultron showed, Hawkeye and Black Widow have a deep friendship. Hawkeye even named his son Nathaniel, after Natasha, and she is privy to his secret family, where others aren't. But the pair have also been at odds, fighting an epic battle against one another in the first Avengers movie. Seeing the two besties fighting one another once more is sure to be fun, and, in the clip, it definitely looks as though there's a bit of humor thrown in.

Scarlett Johansson has appeared as Black Widow, an important sidekick and co-star, in so many movies in the Marvel Universe, showing she's clearly an important character to the franchise. Still, she's often side-stepped in favor of her male counterparts, when it comes to merchandise for the Avengers , or a spin-off of her own. Hopefully Captain America: Civil War will rectify that and Black Widow will be one giant leap closer to having her very own movie. I'm pretty sure she can handle Hawkeye in this scene, anyway.

Watch the new international trailer for Captain America: Civil War below and decide for yourself.

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