This New 'Sharp Objects' Trailer Is Easily The Creepiest Thing You'll Watch All Day

Before you start giving HBO the silent treatment for withholding some of your new faves until 2019, take a look at the new Sharp Objects trailer. It's so creepy that it will have your hair standing on end before you finish the minute-long clip, but it's so well-produced that you'll be clamoring for more anyway. No matter how terrified you know you'll be watching it. The limited series stars Amy Adams and is based off of a Gillian Flynn novel of the same name, and will be premiering on the network come July, in just a few short months. So you'll still have something to obsess over during the long summer, while Game of Thrones and Big Little Lies are off the air.

That's the good news. The better news is that HBO has pulled no punches in putting together this new project. Like, literally no punches. For once thing, it's straight from the mind of Flynn, who also brought Gone Girl to life on the page, and shepherded it to the screen as well, when the story became a film in 2014. (The author wrote the screenplay, which earned her an Academy Award nomination. So the fact that IMDb notes that she has a writing credit on Sharp Objects as well bodes incredibly well for the quality of the series' writing.)

But the genius doesn't stop there. There's hardly even any dialogue in the teaser trailer, but it's still gripping from beginning to end, with stark, visual scenes and troubling imagery.

Bodies slip below the water, Adams examines a Missing Persons poster, a young girl stands half-obscured at a window, a hand toys with a razor, and dark drips run off an object that appears clotted with blood. And all of it is backed by a light, tinkling series of notes that's somehow light and breezy and ominous at the same time. "We need to talk about your daughters," warns a mustached man leaning on the couch with Patricia Clarkson, who plays the mother to Adams' Camille Preaker. "One of them is dangerous and one's in danger." And moments later, a low voice whispers, "It's not safe for you here," as Adams emerges gasping from a bathtub. Commence full-body shuddering now.

Every moment of the trailer is perfectly produced to create an eerie, unsettling quality, which is hardly a surprise when you take a look at the rest of the creative team. Because as mentioned, the impressiveness doesn't stop at Flynn. Also on board for Sharp Objects are creator Marti Noxon, who's served as executive producer on beloved series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and UnREAL; director Jean-Marc Vallée, who helmed the first season of Big Little Lies; and producer Jason Blum, who also lent his talents to Get Out. It's a team so laden with awards and nominations, it's almost ridiculous. Each has experience with their own version of dark subject matter — whether that's vampires, abuse, racial injustice, and beyond — and transforming it into compelling storylines in a masterful way.

But even with the Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe nominations and wins that the team has under their belts coming into Sharp Objects, this latest project has been far from slapped together. In fact, it's been in the works for years now; the book was optioned in 2011, Adams wasn't attached until February 2016, additional cast trickled in gradually, like Chris Messina, who was added in March 2017, and now, over two years later, fans are finally getting their first look.

It's been a long road to walk, but if this teaser is any indication, Sharp Objects has been more than worth the wait. Thus far, it promises to unnerve as much as it thrills, and should serve as a more-than-adequate replacement for BLL and GoT while fans await their return.