This ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Character’s Major Life Decision Will Change The Group For Good

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There is a lot to take in during the "Oh Nathaniel, It's On!" episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (executive producer: Rachel Bloom), after which there are just three more episodes in the season. Spoilers follow. There's the return of the ecstasy-making B.J. Novak and the fact that Rebecca seems to be reverting to her old ways. But it's Heather's story arc that ends on the most fascinating note because Heather decides to carry Darryl's baby on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Since Darryl proposed the idea of having a child with White Josh in the Season 2 finale, he has stayed on the baby train. But after facing obstacles in his relationship and with egg donors, one more deterrent comes up when Darryl's surrogate falls through. That's when Heather steps in to save the day.

A lot can change from one episode to the next on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (executive producer: Aline Brosh McKenna). In the Jan. 26 episode, Heather excels at the Home Base training program despite the rigid dress code rules and becomes a regional manager of the restaurant chain. Like her professional life, her personal life flourishes too. Hector moves in with her, which is pretty remarkable considering his extremely close relationship with his mom. But just when it seems that Heather's student searching ways are over, she does something completely unexpected. Darryl's surrogate is already pregnant with her own child, so Heather decides on a whim that she'll do it. "I'm feeling good about my future, I can do a quick favor," Heather says. "It's still just nine months, right?"

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Like Rebecca donating her egg to Darryl, Heather's decision comes out of left field (baseball puns for the Home Base win — guest star Matt Walsh would be so proud). Yet, while Heather's decision is spontaneous, it's not necessarily ill-advised, like Rebecca's was. As all her friends — besides Darryl — noted, Rebecca probably shouldn't have been injecting herself with hormones without speaking to her outpatient therapist Dr. Shin first. Especially since she's grappling with a new mental health diagnosis after her suicide attempt. However, besides temporarily antagonizing Nathaniel to get back the firm and craving grilled cheese and marshmallows, it seems the hormones don't set Rebecca back. And the fertilization between her egg and Darryl's healthy sperm apparently go, well, swimmingly.

But without a gestational surrogate within 24 hours, Rebecca and Darryl's embryo would have been frozen, making it less viable. So Heather's extremely generous offer to carry the baby pretty much ensures that Darryl is going to become a father again. Sure, maybe Heather should have consulted her new domestic partner Hector before agreeing to become a surrogate, but asking for permission isn't a very Heather thing to do. So just like that, the unlikely trio of Darryl, Rebecca, and Heather are having a baby together in the wacky world of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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Perhaps it is Heather's brush with the corporate world and feeling stable in her life for the first time in a while that inspire her to make such a big, impulsive decision. But you can also argue that it's more true to Heather's character to become a surrogate than it is to become a restaurant manager. Season 3 has explored Heather's "meh" personality more — like in her song "The Moment Is Me" — and has developed her character enough to make sense of both of her major life choices in "Oh Nathaniel, It's On!" Even if those choices wouldn't make sense for any other character.

So although Darryl's baby plan sadly marked the end of his relationship with White Josh, the twist that Heather will be the surrogate might almost — almost — make their breakup worth it. Plus, considering all of the struggles Darryl has had already to have this child and the quick turnaround time required to implant the embryo, Darryl may have this baby sooner than expected. That means that you should prepare yourself for a Heather birth scene (oh, the lack of emotion) and to love a new (tiny) character in West Covina before Season 3 is through. And Heather's choice just goes to show again that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can truly take its story anywhere.