Here Are The 'Love Actually' Actors Who Aren’t Coming Back For The Sequel... Yet

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If, every Christmas, you get yourself wrapped up in the interconnected stories of 2003's Love, Actually, I certainly have an exciting gift for you. Love, Actually is getting a mini-sequel in the form of a 10-minute special for Red Nose Day according to Red Nose Day director Emma Freud. It's such a wonderful reason for the cast to reunite, and you may be hoping that some of those loose ends will finally be wrapped up. But don't get too excited yet, because, while a lot of the Love, Actually original cast will be returning, there are still some big players that have yet to be confirmed.

Of course, the most notable loss is that of Alan Rickman (R.I.P. to one of the finest actors of our generation), who tragically passed away in 2016. But, beyond that, the real focus of this new story seems to be on Daniel and his stepson Sam (who is no longer an adorable albeit somewhat strange-looking child), and making that the central storyline might mean losing some characters in the mix. So who isn't joining in on the sequel so far? Well, let's do a quick run down of everyone who isn't confirmed for the informal Red Nose Day Love Actually 2... yet.

1. Chiwetel Ejiofor

This is slightly suspect, if only because Keira Knightly and Andrew Lincoln are returning. Did Mark and Juliet eventually run off together, leaving Peter in the dust? That seems a little too cold for everyone involved, but who knows? Mark was certainly creepy enough to confess his love to his best mate's wife via poster boards and she didn't call the cops (or her husband), so we can't dismiss the idea.

2. Kris Marshall

It looks like Colin won't be joining us again with whichever model hot movie star he took back to London. (Was it Shannon Elizabeth in a cowboy hat? I think it was Shannon Elizabeth in a cowboy hat.)

3 & 4. Martin Freeman & Joanna Page

These two crazy kids are probably now out of the porn stand-in business, so, to be fair, their novelty would sort of be lost.

5. Abdul Salis

And without Colin, John, and Judy, it isn't crazy that Tony wouldn't necessarily fit in to this new amendment.

6. Laura Linney

Poor selfless Sarah ends up with one of the most depressing endings in the film, and we want to see her happy. Unfortunately, this may not happen unless Linney signs up for the mini-sequel later in the game.

7. Rodrigo Santoro

Sarah's office crush Karl was kiiiiind of a jerk after all was said and done, but, man, will I miss that rippled slab of hotness.

8. Emma Thompson

Again, nobody hopes Karen had a happily ever after more than we do, but it's been confirmed that, although she forged on with her marriage, things were never the same. Rickman is, of course, out of the picture, so I don't know what would constitute a good ending for her... perhaps making her friendship with Daniel unplatonic? Short version, I'd watch Emma Thompson in anything, because she's awesome, but nothing's confirmed.

9. Heike Makatsch

Yeah, that's fine.

And there you have it. Perhaps something will change, and these main players will return for the sequel after all. But, for now, hang on to your questions about these storylines, because they might not get answered.