Here’s How The Triplet Surprise At Tom Schwartz’s Wedding Came To Be On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

If your ducts got through Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules without letting out a single tear, I’m going to go ahead and assume you accidentally fast-forwarded past Tom Schwartz’s three delightful brothers bounding into the Taco Tuesday rehearsal dinner. That, or you’re whatever on friendship, family, and thoughtful gestures. Man alive, did that scene wreck me. And do you know what else wrecks me? Listening to Jax Taylor talk to The Daily Dish about the triplet surprise.

As a wedding gift to their dear pal, Tom Sandoval and Taylor secretly arranged for Schwartz’s three younger brothers, Bert, Billy, and Brandon, to get to the nuptials. There were a few hiccups along the way, but lucky for all, it came together beautifully in the end. Schwartz was so genuinely happy to see triplets, the triplets were so genuinely happy to see Schwartz, and everyone else was so genuinely happy the surprise panned out. In a talking head, Schwartz said it was “the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for [him],” and my heart burst, pieced itself back together, and burst again.

So, how did this whole scheme come to be? In a recent interview with the The Daily Dish, Taylor shared some backstory:

Never ones to miss an opportunity to go all out (see: the bachelor party drag night), Sandoval and Taylor made sure their best friend’s three brothers were present, accounted for, and dressed accordingly. Taylor continued,  

I said it after the butt steak prank, I said it after I saw the “Tom Tom & i” tattoo, and I am going to say it again now: Schwartz, Sandoval, and Taylor are best friendship on television.

VideoByBravo on YouTube

I could watch this scene over and over again. I could also read Schwartz's reaction to his reaction over and over again. In a Bravo blog post, Schwartz wrote,

Ready for even more heartwarming content? Here's a throwback photo Schwartz posted Monday evening:

"Me and the boys!" Schwartz wrote in the caption. "@tomsandoval1 @mrjaxtaylor thank you for the best surprise of my life. You guys went above and Beyond. William, Robert & Brandon, love my brothers so much."

“It came really, really close to not happening,” Taylor told The Daily Dish. “It really did. I was livid.” Thank goodness it did happen. For one thing, we would’ve missed out on the genuinely wonderful moment Schwartz realized his three brothers would be part of his and Katie Maloney's big day after all. Also? We wouldn’t get to watch Taylor ask Schwartz’s three adult brothers if they took showers and changed their socks before the wedding. Call me a sap, but I live for moments like those.