Here's Why Kylie Cosmetics' Boujee Lip Kit Looks Totally Familiar — PHOTOS

The Kylie Lip Kit lineup is growing yet again... but not with brand new shades. It's still cause for celebration, though. Kylie Cosmetics is bringing back previously issued, limited edition Lip Kit shades as part of the permanent repertoire. The brand is re-introducing Vixen, a deep and plum x berry shade from its 2016 Holiday Collection, as well as High Maintenance, a mauvey pink, from its 2017 Valentine's Day Collection. The shades drop on Friday, Apr. 7 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. There's also a Lip Kit called "Boujee." And it should look incredibly familiar to Kylie Cosmetics customers and loyalists. That's because it is.

Boujee is FKA "Merry," a tomato-y red shade, that was also part of the brand's 2016 Holiday Collection. That range was limited edition and packaged in tubes with festive, silver detailing.

So Merry is back as Boujee and in black packaging. Why the name swap?

Perhaps Jenner christened this shade with a new name to disassociate it from the holiday season. Some fans speculated that was the reason in the comments field of the Insta post.

Even with its new name, Boujee is a welcome addition to the Kylie Lip Kit family. We can always use another red, another pink, and another plummy shade in the mega matte, super pigmented liquid lippie collection.

Check out Merry reincarnated as Boujee.

Here's Merry in a former life, as a holiday item and with the wintry packaging.

Here's a FBF factoid. High Maintenance was available only as a Mini Matte in the Val Day collection, which had red packaging details! It was not offered as a full-sized Lip Kit during that special drop.

The Apricot Lip Kit had a similar trajectory; it was previously available as a Mini Matte only in the Val Day set and was then upstreamed to full-sized and permanent status. I mused about the possible return of High Maintenance when Apricot was brought back. Looks like I was onto something!

Here's the ultra vampy Vixen in its prior iteration and packaging, as well. That concludes my Kylie Cosmetics trivia and history lesson for the day!