Hilary Duff Just Created A Makeup Palette That Lizzie McGuire Would Love

If the Lizzie McGuire reboot wasn't enough to remind you of your love for Hilary Duff, her other recent venture might. Hilary Duff's Nudestix palette is on its way to fans of the actor and brand, and this collection of colorful, easy-to-use stick makeup is definitely what dreams are made of.

On Thursday, Sept. 5 Nudestix began teasing a new collection called Day Dreamer, but other than a bit of holographic packaging and a few eyeshadow sticks, the brand didn't let many details slip. Fast forward to Sept. 6, and the brand revealed that it was collaborating with Younger star and mid-aughts icon Hilary Duff on the Day Dreamer palette. According to the brand, the collection includes three Magnetic Luminous Eye Colors in a silver taupe, teal, and rose with blue flecks, Nudies Glow All Over Highlight in Half Moon, Nudies Matte All Over Blush in Body Language, and a Gel Color Lip & Cheek Balm in Secret Keeper.

With most Nudestix products, the Hilary Duff Day Dreamer collection will come in the brand's signature tins for safekeeping as well as a multi-colored holographic makeup bag designed by Duff herself (that '00s Lizzie would love). As for the price, the collection is set to retail for $75, and it will be available beginning Sept. 10 on the Nudestix website.

While this is Duff's first collaboration with the brand, it's not her first time working with Nudestix. She's actually invested in the company back in January alongside Chelsea Handler. When she made the decision to invest, she described the brand's focus on elevated natural beauty as a factor.

Nudestix was formed by sisters Taylor and Ally and their mom Jenny. The brand began with Jenny's expertise in formulating makeup, and the trio's belief that beauty should be easy and accessible for everyone. In fact, in a video posted to the brand's site, Nudestix is described as "Crayola meets Chanel."

The brand focuses on what it calls "nude but better," a philosophy meant to help busy, every day people wear makeup to enhance their features that doesn't take a lot of time. Plus, the Nudestix is also focused on beauty that's good for you. The line is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no parabens, preservatives, or gluten.

While natural and neutral shades are a signature of Nudestix, Duff's collection does include pops of color that will give you serious '00s vibes. According to the brand, the products in the collection are among their signatures, but the shades were curated by Duff who chose to incorporate something a bit more bold.

The Luminous Eye Color in Night Dweller is a stunning teal blue with silvery reflect that can be used to amp up a neutral look for a night out, and Duff's eyeshade in Prism features a bolder rosy tone with blue flecks. The frosty shimmer of the Day Dreamer All Over Highlighter in High Moon will definitely give you Lizzie-vibes.

While the new Hilary Duff x Nudestix Day Dreamer Palette may give you some Lizzie McGuire vibes, the unique stick formulas and pop of color have modernized the blue shadows and frosty hues of the '00s. But who can resist just a tint of nostalgia? You'll definitely get it with this collection.