Goldfish Just Dropped A Hot Cocoa Flavor That Has MARSHMALLOW FISH


I'm a proud Goldfish aficionado, and have been for many years (you can say I have an, er, complex palate for sophisticated snacks). Whether it was plain ol' Cheddar, Zesty Parmesan, or even sweet Cinnamon Graham, I don't discriminate against the ~snack that smiles back~, and usually I don't play favorites. However, I think I have a new favorite kind of Goldfish (just don't tell the others!): These warm n' toasty Hot Cocoa Grahams Goldfish that have blessed our grocery stores just in time for the wintery weather.

Although I've yet to get my hands on these bad boys (but plan to very, very soon), they sound wildly delicious, and my mouth is already watering at the thought of munching on them. According to its product description, the newest Goldfish blend is a perfectly balanced mix of indulgent chocolate grahams and to-die-for marshmallow bits. Sadly, the mix is only here for a limited time, so make sure to buy 'em up, STAT.

All in all, the folks at Pepperidge Farm can *truly* do no wrong when it comes to creating the ultimate snack-worthy concoctions, all in the form of adorable goldfish.

These adorable winter-themed treats join the ranks of many other new hot cocoa flavored snacks coming to shelves this holiday season. Scroll below for even more yummy hot-cocoa themed goodies that are just waiting for you to get your hands on!


Hot Cocoa M&M's


Hot Cocoa M&M's are the perfect addition to any holiday occasion. These M&M's will be milk chocolate-based on the outside and filled with an ooey-gooey marshmallow center, giving it that rich, indulgent, melt-in-your-mouth taste of a fresh cup of hot cocoa. Whether you're topping them in your hot cocoa or munching on them directly from the bag, there's no wrong way to enjoy the candy-coated chocolate treats. You can find them exclusively at Target as part of their limited edition holiday candy lineup.


Hostess's Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow-Flavored Mini Donuts


These mini donuts provide the perfect blend of rich chocolate with sweet marshmallow for the ultimate flavor combination. These are best enjoyed with, you guessed it, a cup of hot cocoa and fresh 'mallows. If you're feeling adventurous dunk 'em straight into your drink for some serious hot cocoa inception. You can find these delectable bites of goodness at your local Walmart, and I dare you not to eat the entire bag.


Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Kettle Corn


If you're on the hunt for the perfect sweet-and-savory snack, you need to try the new hot cocoa marshmallow kettle corn from my friends at Angie's BoomChickaPop. Their newest blend takes everything you love about hot cocoa and adds it to classic kettle corn. Each kernel is drizzled with a generous amount of chocolate and marshmallow, so every piece is a party in your mouth.


Hot Cocoa Shortbread Cookies

Emma Lord/Bustle

Whole Foods has found the key to my heart yet again with their latest product: Hot cocoa shortbread cookies! According to one of our editors, the cookies have the perfect amount of crunch, and the light dusting of sugar is "very much reminiscent of marshmallow." These light-and-airy bites of goodness are sure to bring holiday cheer to any home.

If you love hot cocoa as much as I do, I challenge you to try all of these treats! After all, what better time of year is there than now to ~treat yourself~ and indulge in some yummy snacks? Happy holidays, folks!