Here's How Arianna Huffington Will Get You A Date

by Emma McGowan
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What if Arianna Huffington was your auntie — and helped you find a partner? In some cultures, “aunties” are essential to the marriage process. These aunties either approve of potential spouses or straight out pick matches for the young people in their life. Either way, you don’t make an approved match without the aunties being involved. And while we don’t have a prevailing auntie culture in America (although obviously plenty of subcultures do), the feminist dating app SIREN has found a way to bring us all the most badass aunties by having Arianna Huffington, Anita Sarkeesian, and a two other awesome feminists hosting their Question of the Day.

But let me back up for a second and explain how SIREN works. The progressive dating app founded by feminists has made a commitment to creating a different kind of online dating experience since they launched. Some of their features include the option to blur your public photo, no way to send unsolicited dick pics, a gender non-binary option, and an explicitly stated pro-sexuality policy. And instead of asking people to connect based on a couple of photos and a brief bio, SIREN hosts a daily question that people respond to. The question and answer format allows users to go deeper and discover if they resonate sooner than on other apps.

“We created a fun conversation model to eliminate objectification as a means to introduce yourself to a complete stranger,” SIREN founder and CEO tells Bustle. “Our Question of the Day hosts have always been fascinating, creative individuals.”

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So in honor of Women’s History Month — and SIREN’S launch in New York City — Arianna Huffington hosted the Question of the Day from March 6- March 15. She passed the baton to Anita Sarkeesian — the women best known for taking on the worst of internet trolls during Gamergate and then moving on to form the nonprofit Feminist Frequency — on the 16th. She’ll be followed by relationship expert Esther Perel and Sarah Beall of MakeLoveNotPorn.

“We are honored and thrilled to have the one and only Arianna Huffington as our QOTD host on SIREN because she's been a model for women who have a vision to start something and then lead that thing,” Lee says. “She has cheered women on to follow through with their ambitions.”

Think of it this way: While some people are still kind of embarrassed to admit they met on dating apps, being able to say you met because you liked the way your boo answered a question posed by feminists Arianna Huffington or Anita Sarkeesian or one of the other badass feminists who are hosting on SIREN this month is pretty awesome. Plus, in this age of America’s misogynist-in-chief, weeding through the jerks on other dating apps can feel like more hassle than it’s worth. Why not skip all of that and go with a dating app that matches your values?