Chaos Makeup's Color-Changing Products Are Incredible

Lately, the beauty world has been a little, well, boring, if you ask me. Don't get me wrong, I love my nude lipsticks and glowing highlighters as much as the next person. I'm just ready for something new. Thankfully, this beauty brand is too. According to Instagram, Chaos Makeup has created color-changing products. If you're wondering how the quirky items work, prepare to have your mind blow. The company is working on two different formulas that could completely change the makeup game forever.

Let me catch you up to speed. Recently, Chaos Makeup uploaded a video on their Instagram of their Mood Cream — a product that changes shades when under water. The cream goes from deep purple to turquoise with just one dip under the faucet. While there are other color-changing lipsticks, blushes, and hair dyes that change with your body temperature on the market, Chaos Makeup's is a little different.

"We are currently working on two formulas one that is heat activated and one that will change when you step into the sunlight/go outside," Chaos Makeup tells Bustle. "But we are going to narrow it down to one by the time production is done."

So the good news is that either the heat or sun activated products is coming soon. The bad news is that it won't be both of them. Either way, this is a major advancement for the makeup world.

While the typical color-changing beauty product changes to match you pH, Chaos Cosmetics actually change with temperature. The technology is somewhat like a mood ring that changes colors as your body temperature adjusts. Except the makeup changes shades almost instantly.

The brand didn't mention exactly which products they will be launching, but, from the looks of their Instagram, they will be cream products. Chaos Makeup did tell Bustle they were in the process of finalizing their colors and formulas though. Fingers crossed that means it will be here for summer.

When these products launch, you will be able to wear two makeup looks both at the same time. That's pretty much the ultimate beauty guru's dream. Although it's unclear exactly when the products will arrive, at least there are tons of mesmerizing videos to hold people over!