Here' How To Use Huda Beauty's 3D Highlighting Palette

by Kali Borovic
Huda Beauty

There are a million different highlight palettes out there. Odds are you have more than three just sitting in your makeup bag alone. But Huda Beauty created the 3D Highlighter Palette to be unlike any other. Instead of just giving you gorgeous shimmer to the cheeks, Huda Kattan created a brand new technique. How do you use the Huda Beauty 3D Highlighter Palette, you ask? Kattan's tutorial shows you everything you need to know.

Huda Beauty might have named her product the 3D Highlighting Palette, but it's about way more than just cheek shine. Inside each of the palettes there are four different products that are meant to be used together to get the ultimate glow. Called Melted Strobe, the four-step technique is designed to give you a strong pop of shine that looks blended into the skin.

According to Kattan's YouTube tutorial, the four steps are prep, set, sculpt, and flush. You start by applying the lightest color as a base, before adding the actual highlighter. After that, you take the deepest color and apply it underneath your cheek bone to add dimension. The final step is to apply the rosy color to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow.

Huda Beauty

Not only is the technique super simple to use, but it was also designed for tons of different skin types as well.

“Highlighter can really magnify any makeup, but there are concerns for people with larger pores as the pigments tend to emphasize skin unevenness which is a problem that I have," Kattan said in a press release. "I love to blend face oils and pigments together to smooth the skin texture and amplify the reflection of the pearls. That’s when I knew I had to create this highlighter. It’s the all-in-one, ultimate cheek palette for everyone.”

Huda Beauty

There's no exact launch date just yet, but the company did say that it would be out sometime in mid-April. They did release the price though. According to Instagram, the 3D Highlighting Palette will be $45. That's a small price to pay for all that shine.

This is one launch that you'll definitely want to mark your calendar for. There's no doubt in my mind that these palettes will fly off the virtual shelves as soon as they go live. Here's the full video, so you can see exactly what the new launch has to offer.

How awesome is that! I don't know about you, but I'm dying to get my hands on this shimmer.