Huda Beauty's Highlight Palettes Are Worth The Buy

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Huda Beauty

Everything that Huda Beauty creates gives a brand new take on a current trend, and the latest launch is no different. Huda Beauty's 3D Highlight Palette is coming, and it's a complete game changer. The four-shade kit comes with everything you need to get a strong but blended shimmer. How much is Huda Beauty's 3D Highlighting Palette, you ask? Let's just say this the kit is well worth the price.

The Huda Beauty highlighter news was a shock felt around the beauty world. Ever since founder Huda Kattan mentioned that it was in the works, fans went crazy with excitement. It turns out it was for a good reason too. There are two different 3D Highlighting Palettes coming out — Pink Sands and Golden Sands. According to the brand's Instagram post, the foursome of shimmers will cost $45. That's $20 cheaper than the Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette.

Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette, $65, Sephora

You're paying for much more than just product though. This palette not only have gorgeous shimmer, but it's also got a brand new highlighting formula and technique to go with it. Kattan calls it Melted Strobe, and the four different shades are meant to be used together to get a strong glow that's blended at the same time. IMO, this is the perfect twist on your traditional highlighter palette.

“I wanted to make getting the ultimate glow easy for everyone," Kattan said in a press statement. "So we combined colors, formula and technique to make highlighting like a pro within each person’s grasp."

Courtesy Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty 3D Highlight Palette, $45, Sephora

There are four steps to the process, according to the Huda Beauty team. All the steps are printed on the inside of the palette. To achieve Melted Strobe perfection, you prep with the lightest color, set with the shimmer, sculpt with the darkest color, and flush the cheeks with the blush-like shade.

Courtesy Huda Beauty

Considering that you're getting a completely different shimmer technique, I'd say that that the palette is well worth the $45. The pans are huge and the colors are stunning. Not to mention the formula was made to make pores look smaller and skin smoother.

“Highlighter can really magnify any makeup, but there are concerns for people with larger pores as the pigments tend to emphasize skin unevenness which is a problem that I have," Kattan said in a press release. "I love to blend face oils and pigments together to smooth the skin texture and amplify the reflection of the pearls. That’s when I knew I had to create this highlighter. It’s the all-in-one, ultimate cheek palette for everyone.”

Courtesy Huda Beauty

There's no launch date for the palette just yet, but the brand did say it will be out around mid-April. Get those wallets ready, people!