6 Ways Michonne Might Leave 'The Walking Dead'

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The characters on The Walking Dead are currently most concerned with the Kingdom's fair and the Whisperers, but fans might have something else troubling them. Danai Gurira will no longer be a regular character after Season 9 and with only two episodes left, it's time to start thinking about how will Michonne leave The Walking Dead. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news in February that Gurira will appear in just a few episodes in Season 10 following the Season 9 finale on March 31. THR also noted that it's likely that Gurira will join former cast member Andrew Lincoln in his Rick Grimes movies. But because that future for Michone isn't official and because Season 9 will be over in two episodes, here are some other ideas on how Gurira will exit the series.

Fans finally saw in "Scars" why Michonne has become so wary of connecting with other groups. However, Daryl and Judith helped her to accept that she needs to trust people again. So it's sad that she will be leaving the series right around the time that we're likely to get the old Michonne back. But maybe this change will lead to how Michonne will leave the series. Will her rediscovered belief in others lead her to be tragically killed? Or will it inspire her to search out other groups?

Gurira going is nearly as bad as when Lincoln left the show and will change the DNA of The Walking Dead forever. So while her exit will be far from satisfying, here are some options on how the show can do it.

The Whisperers Will Kill Her

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Considering everything that Michonne has survived, her death at the hands of anyone will be a major letdown. But the main bad guys for the second half of Season 9 have been the Whisperers and to prove just how evil they are, they'll need to kill more people than Jesus. Maybe Michonne will be the next victim and any episodes she appears in for Season 10 will only contain Michonne in flashbacks.

The Alexandria Council Will Push Her Out

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While Michonne probably should just be the sole leader since she's the best, Alexandria is run by a council. And though they all massively respect their head of security, there is definitely tension in the council because of Michonne having the power of veto. Not that there would be a mutiny or anything, but maybe the council will ask Michonne to step down and since that transition out of power would be difficult, she goes to seek a new place to call home.

One Of The Kids Will Die

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While this is particularly dark, there must be some catalyst for Michonne's departure. And what's more earth-shattering than losing a child? We've hardly seen R.J., which is simply a travesty since who doesn't want to see more of Michonne and Rick's child? But maybe that's a sign that he won't be a character for much longer. Plus, he's so young that he's more vulnerable.

Meanwhile, Judith has become a major badass — and a major character. So while it seems unlikely that she'd go, it's not out of the realm of possibilities that one of her wandering adventures leads to her death. That would leave Michonne (and Negan, frankly) devastated and perhaps it would be what pushes her to make a major life change.

She'll Pull A Maggie

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Although Lauren Cohan did leave The Walking Dead, her fate was left open so she could return one day. Gurira might not be seeking the same contract arrangement as her costar, but she could have an ambiguous exit that leaves the door open for her to come back. And even though Maggie and Michonne weren't on the greatest of terms when Maggie left, maybe Michonne will be inspired to take the kids to go build communities with Georgie too.

She Will Channel Her Comic Book Character

As ComicBook.com outlined, Michonne's path on the show has diverged from her comic counterpart's. But maybe the show will turn to Robert Kirkman's graphic novels for inspiration. Comics spoilers follow. Although Oceanside hasn't been in the picture, she goes and works as a pirate for them for two years, so that would be an easy way to write her off. The other option is to have her travel to the Commonwealth in Ohio like she does in the comics since this community plays a big part in the comics (and has already been hinted at on the TV show, as IGN reported). While there, Michonne reunites with her long-lost daughter. That can't be a plot on the show since Michonne doesn't have a daughter from before the zombie apocalypse, but Michonne traveling there could be how the AMC series introduces this new powerful group while simultaneously saying bye to Michonne.

She Will Go Searching For Rick

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Since Gurira's exit is already a done deal and she won't be staying, the best case scenario is that Michonne finds Rick. They never found his body (or reanimated corpse), so Michonne may know deep down that he's alive. Or maybe Anne (the artist formerly known as Jadis) will make a reappearance (with or without a helicopter) so that Michonne can go after Rick with certainty that he didn't die. Then, Michonne can appear in the Rick Grimes movies, as THR conjectured, which will lead to a beautiful reunion.

Michonne deserves a farewell from the show that's as epic as she is, so here's hoping The Walking Dead does her justice.